Monday, April 8th

Don Ho

The two hour Mad Men premiere did not disappoint, although I thought it was pretty weird. But I go through this every season. The first episode back is a little stiff and takes some getting used to. That’s what she said.

Don and Megan Hawaii

Don and Megan are enjoying fabulous Hawaii. Megan, especially seems to be having a great time, while Don is contentedly dark and broody with a glorious suntan. Don met a fellow drunk military guy at the bar and ends up giving away his bride the next day. My heart melts. They enjoy luaus, smoke some pot, and soak up the sunshine before heading back to NYC. Oh, and it’s Christmas. Okay.

Don Hawaiian wedding

Don and Megan have become friendly with their neighbors and also their doorman, who died for a moment but was revived. Not sure why this was given so much attention, but I can dig it. Don is especially close with a doctor and gives him a camera from his client stash. Aw, Don has a friend. It’s nice to see. Megan is making her career as an actress work, too. She’s a regular on a TV show and is tickled about being recognized by fans. Don is…less enthusiastic.

Don Makes a Friend

Back at work, Don resumes his normal crankiness. Everyone’s hair is noticeably longer and there are lots of sideburns. Mr. Betty comments that only Don looks the same. So true.

Roger Sterling's sideburns

Even Roger is rocking the ‘burns. Can I confess something? I think Roger might be my favorite character. He is a lovable rogue who takes nothing seriously. He’s seeing a therapist now. Or more likely, an analyst. Even though Roger can be an insensitive boob, he has those moments where you see how big his heart is. When he learns of his mother’s passing, he consoles his distraught secretary and keeps it together. But the passing of his shoe shine man is what makes him break down completely, in the episode’s best moment.

Second-best moment? The memorial Roger throws for his mom. It’s full of spunky old ladies lavishing attention and praise on Roger. His usual sense of humor carries them through the grief and when Don drunkenly throws up on the floor, it’s practically a party.

Roger Comforts Secretary

Peggy goes through some major work drama with a client, showcasing her clear talent for her work. But as a boss, she really sucks. Looks like she learned more from Don than anyone realized. I look forward to seeing how her new boss helps mold her. I’d be okay with it if they dated. Still not loving Abe.

Peggy at Work

So, if everything isn’t weird enough, the Francis house seems totally crazy to me. Sally’s friend Sandy seems to almost live there. She’s mean to Betty, but Betty can’t get enough of this girl’s approval. When she runs away, Betty spends the whole day in an abandoned building in a bad neighborhood in New York hoping to see her. I can’t verify that anyone is smoking crack there, but yeah, it’s a crackhouse. Betty teaches the boys who live there how to make goulash, even though they make fun of her and one is particularly mean. And off-hand comment about her “bottled” hair sends her running to the salon. She comes home looking like this:

Brunette Betty

I. Can’t. Even. Believe. This. I think I’m back to liking Betty again. Like, full-on.

Megan and Don throw a small New Year’s Eve gathering in their apartment. They serve fondue and watch a slideshow of their Hawaii pictures. Oh, how very 70’s. It’s a charming night and I almost don’t recognize Linda Cardellini. She’s gone from Freaks and Geeks to Totally Chic. Love her! Apparently Don does, too, as he is having an affair with her.

Linda Cardellini

Shiiiiit. So they went there. Don’s back to his old tricks, and even worse, sleeping with the wife of his only friend. I know this will make for more interesting storytelling, but I am very, very disappointed. I enjoyed seeing Don so happy last season and this regression will take him back to a dark place. What a way to end the episode. I feel like I was punched in the face.

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  2. Ummmmm I’m an idiot! I didn’t even recognize the doctor’s wife as being the mistress. I just looked and thought…who is Don sleeping with??

    This is why I love your TV blog posts. I need someone to tell me the things I missed! 🙂

  3. Terry Grier says:

    You had me with the “That’s what she said” joke .. love it.

    It is good to see Don back. His demons are still there.

    Roger is the best. I would prefer to be Roger over Don.

  4. Corrin says:

    Roger has been my favorite since the beginning. I find him all kinds of sexy.

  5. Kim says:

    I was happy that Don was cheating on Megan, bc she is so insufferable. I hope Betty is a fully-formed human this season, although I’m not really holding my breath. Stan’s beard won this episode.

  6. Kristina says:

    Punched in the face just about sums it up for us over here. WTH! Don is still a Ho! I know this is supposed to be the season of “Don’s Secrets” but so far I saw 2 hours of no secrets revealed. I agree that Peggy is the new Don. Betty why did you leave the violin after you totally balled up to that jerk? Is Roger done with LSD? I guess I need to stay tuned. Thanks for covering it so well.

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