Tuesday, December 9th

Diamonds are Evil: Jewelry Giveaway

Diamonds are Evil, Austin Texas

Diamonds Are Evil is a local, eco-friendly shop that makes laser cut jewelry (and other pieces) out of sustainable Canadian birch wood. The wood is extremely durable, yet very lightweight and the design work is so modern and playful. The nod to art deco with hipster sensibility makes these pieces both fun and serious. I love the versatility.

You may have seen me sporting this piece around town recently. It’s my new favorite necklace.

Diamonds are Evil, Austin Texas

So what’s up with the name? It represents the company’s socially conscious stand against the diamond industry. I can dig it.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond

Make sure to check out their online store or drop by Slackerville on South 1st. And right now, you can win this pair of earrings in time for the holidays.

Diamonds are Evil giveaway

To enter, leave me a comment and tell me how you’re making an effort to be more environmentally conscious for the holidays. Make sure you like Mad Betty on Facebook, as that’s where I’ll be announcing the winner on December 17th.

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  1. Trish Connelly says:

    These are gorgeous!

    I’m making a point to reuse cardboard boxes I’ve got in the mail for re-wrapping or other creative artsy ideas this holiday season. Also car-pooling whenever possible!

  2. Austin Denman says:

    For the holidays, my family and I are flying across country to be with family this Christmas instead of driving the whole way. We usually drive there, but we’ve been more pollution-conscious this past year and don’t want to add so much to the problem this year. P.S. Since my brother works at Ikea, we also save a lot of money on buying ikea bags for storage and for things like groceries so that we will no longer add to the problem of pollution. Lastly, for the past few months and especially around this time of year due to all the travel talk for the holidays, I’ve been attending a lot of environmental awareness seminars in order to keep myself up to date on the main problems of today. Heck, even one of my latest college thesis papers that I wrote was about the growing global problem of ocean level risings over time due to Arctic ice caps melting.

  3. Jennifer F says:

    We have solar-powered holiday lights outside . . . . and gifting food mixes in recycled jars!

  4. Kristina says:

    I reuse boxes to from amazon to hold gifts and reuse gift bags. I even try to reuse tissue paper when I can.

  5. lisa says:

    We use re-usable shopping bags always, but we somehow get brown paper sacks so I am using them to wrap gifts, but also to decorate our home! I love the look of burlap and the brown paper really gives the look of burlap! I am using them as Placemats for our table settings too! Thanks for the chance to win. Lots of love, Lisa

  6. Optimista says:

    Ha, does reusing gift bags about a bazillion times count? I am also slightly crazy about reusing ribbon, especially the kind with the metal in it that helps you arrange it. That stuff is expensive!

  7. Mary Helen says:

    I have a personal vendetta against wrapping paper, so I’ll be trying to think if some way out of that whole mess. Those earrings are adorable, btw!

  8. aneelee says:

    I love their stuff! I have a “shiny” ring that I put on for my fancy days.

    We use old months from our BIG calendar in the kitchen to wrap christmas gifts (doing our best to use meaningful numbers) and/or wrap furoshiki-style in bandanas or cloth napkins.

  9. Lee says:

    I am going to use paper I already have ( like brown paper bags) for gift wrapping. Love your necklace!

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