Monday, November 19th

Detroit-Style Pizza in Austin

After a late-night networking event in East Austin, my friend and I were in need of some sustenance. Like a shining beacon in the night we stumbled upon the VIA 313 food truck and decided pizza was the perfect post-bar snack.

VIA 313

The friendly staff walked us through the menu and explained that VIA 313 specializes in Detroit-style pizza.

VIA 313

Wait. What? Detroit has their own style of pizza? How did I not know this? Has Eminem been rapping about these square pizzas all this time while I wasn’t paying attention? Okay. It was time to open our minds and try some Motor City slices. We opted for “The Original” which has pepperoni. Here’s proof of the pepperoni:

VIA 313

Why am I showing you proof? Because the pizza looks like this:

Detroit style pizza

I know! This seems crazy. Topping on the bottom, then cheese, then sauce on top. The light crust was thick, and VIA 313 boasts four corner slices, making sure every slice reaches its crispy potential. The cheese was browned in just the right way and sauce wasn’t sweet. These were some refreshingly different slices for a harsh-judging pizza critic. Detroit, color me impressed.

What’s cool about VIA 313 is that it sits in front of Violet Crown Social Club and they’ll deliver your pizza right to you at the bar, rather than making you wait by the truck. We enjoyed sitting outside while we waited for our pizza and listening to drunk hipsters around us. We had stopped drinking at that point and opted to sober up with another Detroit original, a Faygo root beer. Now this wasn’t for me, but maybe a true soda lover would like it.

Faygo root beer

I will not be relocating to Detroit anytime soon, but I’ll definitely head back to East Austin for another corner slice one day with the sauce on top. I’m giving this pizza a B+, making it one of the highest rated Austin pizzas on Mad Betty. Well done, VIA 313.

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  1. Corrin says:

    Being from Chicago, I had no idea Detroit had it’s own style of pizza. Learn something new ever day!

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