Tuesday, April 30th

Dark Times


NY Ad Club AwardsNew York Ad Club Awards








Don and Peggy find themselves in a room together for the New York Ad Club Awards. While Megan runs over to chat with Peggy, Don avoids her. She’s officially an adversary now and her talents intimidate him. I predict that they will be friends once again at some point. The Peggy/Don relationship is the purest thing about this show.

NY Ad Club Awards

Paul Newman steps onstage to introduce the program, but not before stating he supports McCarthy. His speech is quickly interrupted by the news of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination. That sets the tone for the whole episode. What a sad, sad time.

Peggy and Phyllis

There are discussions and hugs with all the black secretaries in the ad agencies. They seem taken aback by the sudden affection and my heart is warmed by the genuine concern these characters feel. Pete, especially, is devastated and practically kills Harry Crane when he suggests that this will be a financial loss for the agency. It’s good to see a kind, human side of Pete again.

Don and Bobby

Megan is so sad and troubled by the news and takes Don’s kids to a vigil in the park. Bobby, who is being a real pain in the ass these days feins a stomach ache. Don takes him to the movies to see Planet of the Apes. Bobby tells the usher that “everyone likes to go to the movies when they’re sad” and I start to feel bad for Bobby. Sure, he started peeling the wallpaper in his bedroom like a total brat, but he’s being raised by dysfunctional, broken parents. Poor kid. His stepfather is about to run for state senate, so life is about to get harder in the Francis household.

Peggy is looking to buy an apartment on the Upper East Side, but Abe talks her into a poorer area. He pictures them raising their kids in a more humble location. Peggy goes all googly-eyed when he mentions kids, so she’ll move into a slum in a heartbeat. Ugh. I am so over Abe. Break up already!

Bad Date

In the most light-hearted storyline, Michael Ginsberg’s father sets him up on a blind date. Without telling him. Surprise! She’s in the apartment and Michael has no time to shave or get ready. He takes her to a diner, orders soup and confesses his virginity. Then he asks the lady how much she makes. In short, the most awkward date ever. They end the night early when the MLK news comes out, and Michael’s father is pissed. He says you need a partner during times of crisis and recalls Noah’s Ark and the animals getting the boat with their partners. “You! You’ll be getting on the ark with your father!”

Don Draper

The episode ends with a drunk and depressed Don admitting he doesn’t love his kids. Ouch.

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