Monday, October 15th


Once reserved for cheap beer, canning is the new hottest thing again. Cheaper, better for the environment and 100% recyclable, cans are back. Take a walk down your craft beer aisle and look at all the choice brews being put in cans. No longer vessels for frat boys to crush on their heads after draining the flavorless contents, now you can enjoy a delicious canned craft brew in a fine establishment and crush the remains on your date’s head. Careful not to get any on your tuxedo.

Enter Churchkey.


Taking canning to a whole new level, well, old level, Chuchkey Can Co is bringing sexy back in the form of steel cans. (These are too hard to be head crushers, FYI.) There’s no pull tab. You poke holes in the top just like Don Draper did in his garage. That beer can hole-poking tool? That’s called a churchkey.


And you get one with every six pack.

Churchkey six pack

This throwback might seem like a novelty, but it’s so much more. First, opening the beer is so satisfying. A punch that takes a little strength, a little work. The pressure sends a light mist shooting out. It’s fun. So much of drinking is about the ritual, and this is a way to mix it up. The can itself is sturdy. Much higher quality than the aluminum cans we’re used to. 

Steel gets colder than aluminum, so the beer itself was icy cold. I am an ice fiend and like my drinks as cold as possible, so this appeals to me. These cans are the perfect vessel for outdoor drinking. (ACL, anyone?) The beer itself is a pilsner. Light, subtle hop flavor, and very smooth. Drinking it out of the thicker can made it feel more expensive, better. You wouldn’t want to pour it in a glass, because this experience is all about the can.


Right now Churchkey is available in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. Austin is next. We don’t know when it’s coming, only that we’re on deck. Hopefully it won’t be too long, because this will appeal to hipsters, hippies who will remember flat top cans from their childhoods, college kids, people who love to recycle…pretty much everyone in Austin.

The Churchkey guys are passionate about these cans and jumped through many, many hoops to make this dream a reality.

Justin Hawkins, Adrian Grenier, and Chad Reed

Yes, that’s Adrian Grenier along with Justin Hawkins and Ryan Sowards.  I know, right? We totally drank a beer together.

Adrian Grenier

Wait till this beer lands in Austin. It’s going to be hot, hot, hot. You heard it here first.

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  2. I am ALL OVER THAT. Love my beer ice-cold, and it’s going to remind me of my stepdad and his brothers all *plinging* the can lids. I think that makes me a ‘Hippie-ster’. Simply because I won’t act my age.

    I can’t WAIT.

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