Friday, March 8th

Chronicles of a Party Girl

It’s South by Southwest and I pity the poor souls who aren’t in Austin right now. The next week and a half or so will be devoted to consuming as much pop culture and tech as we can squeeze in. And the parties, MY GOD, the parties! My event schedule is too big to properly manage, so I will be whisked away in the herds from one place to the next, hoping that I don’t forget too many. Taking a note from the scenesters, I’ve RSVP’d to everything and am on every list.

While SXSW officially starts today, most of us have been living it up for a week already. You know the pre-parties are necessary training for the actual week. And like conditioned athletes, we train hard. I’m already having too much fun. New career goal: socialite who attends parties for a living. Will someone pay me to do that? Pretty please?

Paris Hilton

Every company worth their salt hosts fabulous parties so you just have to show up, find parking, and enjoy the free drinks and eats. The parking is actually kind of a nightmare and while I’m usually lucky in that area, I might try to figure out how to (takes deep breath) take the bus. Unless someone is volunteering to chauffer me around for about ten days. Pretty please?

How to you prepare for a week of this?

6th St

Photo via The Statesman


Photo via Extreme Air Shots

  • A fridge full of bottled water
  • 15 pounds of grapefruit
  • Starbucks double espresso shots
  • Ear plugs
  • Tons of eye makeup remover
  • Comfortable sneakers. Or heels, if you are stupid.
  • Phone, iPad, and laptop chargers
  • Book bag
  • Extra business cards
  • Mints and lip balm

Everyone might have a different Southby prep list, but that’s what mine looks like. In addition to all the parties I’ll be hitting the music circuit and some of the interactive stuff.

I’ll try to recap what I can after the haze clears. But I anticipate relaxing my blogging schedule for a week or so. See you on the other side, everyone!

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  1. Senor Betty says:

    My checklist would include a a spouse that is more connected and aware of what is going on. Should be a fun week and a half 🙂

  2. Lauren says:

    “Heels if you are stupid.” Heh.

    This is my first “real” SXSW (last year we were just getting moved in) and I am psyched… and more than a little intimidated. 😉

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