Tuesday, December 13th

Cool Yule, Fool

Every year I love picking out a live Christmas tree and decorating it. I have some fabulous ornaments and building my collection is a year-round process. I always look for unique ones when I travel, so when I look at my tree it’s a reminder of how many cool places I’ve been. (And how lucky I am!) I’m going to show off some of my favorites.

I really love beach-themed ornaments. I hope to do an entire beach tree one day.

Horseshoe crab

Blue crab








Sea gull










Life jacket

Lifeguard chair













A few travel ornaments:

Stained glass from a family vacation to Massachusetts

Snorkeling Santa from Key Largo









Maple leaf from Vancouver

Hibiscus from honeymoon in Maui









This ornament from Vegas makes jackpot sounds

A little NYC for Mr. Betty











My mermaid collection is one I hope to grow.

Fat mermaid

Skinny mermaid









Flat mermaid

Two ornaments that represent us:

A wedding gift

This is what we actually look like. Handmade by a friend.










Some food-themed ornaments:


TV dinner









Chinese food












And finally, a couple Texas ornaments.

Cow Skull

Glitter revolver. This is by far the largest ornament on our tree. Very silly.










Merry Christmas, to all my readers! (Both of you.) May your holiday be creative and colorful.