Friday, August 31st

Make it Work

We’re in the tenth season of Project Runway. After dedicating myself to this show for so many years, I thought I might take a break for a season. Then I saw a preview of the candy challenge and I was sucked right back in. I can’t resist watching designers cry over trying to make clothing out of licorice.

This season features all the requisite character types that we’ve come to expect.

The Arrogant One: Ven Budhu is undeniably talented and he knows it. Offering little in the way of personality, Ven is there to win not to make friends. He’ll likely be in the final three.

Ven Budhu

Most Likable: Buffi Jashanmal has her own funky style and a charming accent. Her self-deprecating humor won over the other designers, but sadly her talent wasn’t up to par. She’s already gone.

Buffi Jashanmal

Bitchiest Gay: Gunnar Deatherage is the youngest contestant and has ridden the waves of bitchiness further than I thought he could.

Gunnar Deatherage

The Weirdo: Kooan Kosuke is as weird as his hair. Sadly, he decided the competition wasn’t for him and he quit. I don’t think he had a shot of winning, but I would have liked to see him stick around longer.

Kooan KosukeLaughably Bad: Andrea Katz. Every season there’s a designer so terrible that you wonder how they made it on the show. Andrea earned the title this season. She also quit the show by stealing away in the middle of the night. That made for some good drama.

Andrea Katz

Fun Gay: Christopher Palu. The cast is filled with fun gays, but Christopher won me over with his Cher impersonation. He and Gunnar lock horns which provides some nice drama.

Christopher Palu

My choices for top three designers: In addition to Ven, I like Sonjia Williams and the oft overlooked Dmitry Sholokhov. All three are incredibly talented and I’d love to see a fashion week showdown. Sonjia’s personal style is my favorite on the show. Girlfriend rocks that blue hair with class.

Sonjia Williams

Dmitry Sholokov

The judges have really settled in a place of unified harmony.

After doing this for so many years they seem calm and all-knowing. It takes little banter to get to a place where they agree on winners and losers. Of course they only show a few minutes of the discussion, but in Tim Gunn’s book Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making it Work, he reveals that the judging usually takes four to five hours. He also dishes dirt on former contestants, people in the fashion world, and random celebrities. While at times a little preachy about etiquette, the gossip is good and makes the book worth reading.

Are you watching the show this season? What do you think?

Friday, June 15th

Gossip Folks

I thought today we could just chitchat.

SJP Obama and Andy Cohen

Did you hear about Sarah Jessica Parker’s dinner for Obama? That’s the kind of dinner party I would love to attend. Andy Cohen was there, as well as Anna Wintour, Michael Kors and Meryl Streep. They must have talked fashion and politics for half the night, but then what? Real Housewives of New York? BTW, Aren’t those new housewives cray-cray? Where do they find these people?

Chyler Leigh

Now that a few weeks have passed and we are starting to heal, can we talk about the Grey’s Anatomy season finale? Holy crap. Does Shonda Rhimes get off on toying with our emotions or what? Just when things seem calm for a moment, BAM! Plane crash with all the doctors on board. I was really bummed to see Lexie Grey go and did not see it coming at all. At least she went out with a bang, while Kim Raver’s Teddy just petered out. I guess Teddy was always kind of lame though.

Lady Gaga Fame Perfume

In between getting her head clunked with a pole and fueding with Madonna, Lady Gaga is creating her own scent. The photos of the bottle were “leaked” (yeah, right) and here we have it. I think the cap is absolutely representative of her style: sharp, angular, looks like giant shoulder pads. I’m not thrilled that the actual perfume is black though. It looks like soot water.

Portia de Rossi haircut

Portia de Rossi got a cute haircut. Ellen likes it.

Rihanna bra

Rihanna is such a hot mess anymore. She’s so busy getting in the middle of Chris Brown and Drake, that she can’t be bothered to put on a shirt. And WHY is she associating with Chris Brown?! If you want to know what stupid looks like, read her tweets. Seriously. Girlfriend needs a nice long trip to rehab and a new PR team. Her image, like her style, is ghetto stank.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye and Kim. Yup, this crap is still happening. Is everyone else as annoyed by this as I am?

Tom Cruise Rock of Ages

And finally, will you be checking out Rock of Ages this weekend? I feel like I have to, because this is such an unusual role for Tom Cruise and he always brings it.

Tuesday, May 1st

American Hipster: Vintage

American Hipster Presents is a new documentary show produced by Seedwell. They will visit ten cities with a large hipster population and make five episodes per city.

Seedwell started in their home city, San Francisco, and then quickly moved to the top of the hipster food chain, Austin. Seriously. They could do all 50 episodes here and not even scratch the surface of East Austin.

So here’s the first episode:

This is completely fitting, as Austin has an amazing vintage scene. You can’t throw a rock in this town without hitting a vintage store. (You might also hit a tattooed guy with skinny jeans and a moustache. We have LOTS of those.)

Charm School Vintage is a great place to shop. I also really love Flashback, Room Service, and Hog Wild when I’m in the mood for vintage shopping. No doubt, we like our clothing weird, eclectic, and already worn.

I’ll post the next Austin episode when it comes out. I will also be watching closely when they film Philadelphia, whose hipster scene is totally different. Dare I say…darker?

Hipster Chart

Thursday, April 19th

Hot Pants Giveaway: CLOSED

Well, it’s been a couple weeks and I’m still hanging in there with my Zaggora Hot Pants. I’ve had to tighten my belt a couple notches and my jeans are definitely looser.

Something’s working. Am I just more vigilant about working out because I’m testing the pants? Or are my workouts made more effective from wearing them? Or is it just water weight? I’m guessing it’s a combination of all three.

But I have to say, I love these pants. When they come out with a shirt, I will get that, too.

Zaggora Hot Pants

These could be yours!

And now the totally awesome thing: Zaggora sent me a pair of Hot Pants to give away to one of you! On May 1st I will randomly select a winner. You can enter several ways, and you can enter multiple times:

1. Comment on this post.

2. Follow @BlogMadBetty on Twitter and tweet about this giveaway. Make sure to include #hotpantsgiveaway in your tweet.

3. Post this link on Facebook for all your friends.

The shorts are size large and will give you a skinny butt. They retail for $60. Make sure to enter!

UPDATE: Rebeca, your name was chosen in the Hot Pants drawing! Please email with your address. Enjoy your workouts with these fabulous shorts!

Friday, March 30th

Hot Pants

When Zaggora recently had a Groupon for their Hot Pants, I bit the bullet and got a pair. The flares, actually.

Here’s what they look like:

Zaggora Hot Pants

Hot Pants


Zaggora capris and flares

Capri Flares and Flares











They claim to help maximize workouts. Energy expenditure while working out is increased by 6%, and increased by 26% if worn the hour after exercise. Weight loss is 4x greater while wearing the pants, and core body temperature increases about 18%. Wow, that’s hot.

I impatiently waited for them to arrive in the mail from London, and they took a little over a week. (That’s faster than Sephora’s free shipping from Maryland.) The pants feel thick and similar to a wetsuit. They are tight, but not uncomfortably so, and very high waisted.

As I worked out I noticed they aren’t quiet pants. They make that rubbery/vinyl zip zip sound as you move. But once I starting moving, I didn’t even notice. I worked out like normal, paying special attention to drink extra water. I really heated up and sweat a lot. Like, so much sweat.

One thing I loved about the pants is the support they gave. I could push my squats and lunges further and deeper because my knees were protected. I wanted to take them off after the workout and shower right away, but I kept them on for the additional hour after. And then for a couple more hours. When I eventually took them off I realized how hot I’d been.

The pants need to be washed after wearing because they get so wet. And they can’t be put in the dryer, so I should have bought a second pair. But I’ll make it work for now while I test them out.

So will I lose two jean sizes in two weeks, like the website claims? Maybe. I’m sure a good deal of that is water weight. I’ll update you on my progress.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own. Mad Betty was not compensated for this review.


Tuesday, February 28th

The Oscars

I’d like to thank the Academy for a boring show Sunday night. True, the Oscars are always the stiffest of award shows, but I always watch and hope they get better. I was especially pleased that Billy Crystal came back to host.

He was funny, schticky, and quick on his feet. A good host has to be able to riff and fill time when needed and keep the live show going smoothly. Most hosts choose to make fun of celebrities in the audience, but Billy Crystal is too good for that. His musical number was a throwback to his earlier hosting days. He’s older now and can’t move as quickly and was a little pitchy, but I still think it was a success.

Martin Scorcese was thanked over and over as Hugo kept winning awards. I made the drinking game joke a couple hours before the Bridesmaids did. If we all took a shot whenever anyone mentioned Scorcese we’d be pretty drunk the show would have been better.

Surprises: Clooney didn’t win. Meryl did. Meryl is like the Yankees. Everybody knows they are the best, so it’s not exactly exciting news when they win. A bunch of other boring stuff happened. Whatever. Let’s talk about the gowns.

The good:





















The bad:











The ugly:

Wednesday, February 22nd

United States of Jewelry

Look what I got for Valentine’s Day!

Awesome, right? It’s a Kris Nations necklace. Every state comes in silver and gold. Even DC. Mine came from Nordstrom and they are also available directly from the Kris Nations website.

Each necklace has its own charm, just like each state.











It almost makes me wish I was from Wyoming. Look at how cool that one is.

Hope these put you in a fashionable state of mind.



Thursday, February 16th

Grammys Fashion

Not as fun as the VMAs, but less uptight than Oscar night, the Grammys are a good place for fashion. Musicians of every genre coming together to celebrate music and strut some crazy gear.

I would say 2012 was a decent year for Grammy’s fashion. A nice mix of crazy and beautiful. Take a look:

Katy Perry paired her unsexy gown with a weird up do.

Fergie’s daring Galliano gown was one of my favorites.













Adele looks elegant in classic black. Her earring choice could have been more youthful. She’s only 23.

Robyn’s strange dress is upstaged by her hideous shoes.













Goldie Hawn looks great. I mean, Rihanna.

Nicki Minaj, walking the red carpet with the Pope, was a lovely Cardinal.













She thinks this lavender is a good idea. It’s a slight improvement to the gray she had last week.







Nothing surprising here.

Who made an impression on you at the Grammys?


Monday, February 13th

How did I Wu?

A little follow-up from last week. The Giants won the Super Bowl. Madonna was awesome. And I woke up early last Sunday morning for Jason Wu’s Target collection.

My Target opened at 8 am, and I made it the accessory rack at 8:05 to find this:

No purses left and only one scarf! I quickly grabbed the scarf, leaving the rack completely empty. I made my way over to the clothing, where the vultures were pecking away at the  collection of dresses, skirts, tops, and trenches.

While there wasn’t a massive crowd, the women who were there were ruthless, filling their carts with every piece they could get their hands on. I grabbed as much as I could and headed over to the fitting room, another war zone. Once everyone rejected most of their items, the racks began to fill up again and the women lost the crazy look in their eyes and all returned to normal.

I ended up with just one dress:

The looks were all cute, but very cheaply made. They may have Jason Wu’s name on the tag, but they are very much Target clothing. As I tried on outfits I asked myself, would I even be attracted to this item if it wasn’t Jason Wu? The answer every time was no.

I had the opportunity to check out some of the purses as women put them back. They were even cheaper than the clothing.












As I stood in line to pay, I took a better look at the scarf I had grabbed. After seeing it had the Target logo printed on it, I put it back.

Overall, very underwhelmed by the entire experience. I guess you can put lipstick on a pig, but that pig is still Target.

Thursday, February 2nd


Sunday is a big day for a couple reasons. Number one, Madonna is playing the halftime show at some football game. Okay, it’s the Super Bowl and Mr. Betty is stoked that his team is playing. I’m stoked that there are so great new commercials debuting. And of course, Madonna!








But the real reason to celebrate on Sunday is the Jason Wu for Target collection! I’m not making the same mistake I made during the Missoni for Target debut, which was miss out on the entire thing. Missoni debuted on September 13th, and Target was not prepared for the sheer volume of shoppers. The 400-piece collection featuring Missoni’s trademark zigzag sold out pretty quickly, leaving the stores ransacked and shutting down







Jason Wu, a favorite of Michelle Obama, is known for his flattering and feminine designs. The collection at Target will feature pretty prints, simple silhouettes, and cute accessories. And everything will be less than $60!









See you at Target on Sunday morning!