Monday, July 9th

Catch up on Breaking Bad

At long last Breaking Bad is returning. I can’t wait for Sunday night and the premiere of the final season. In case you haven’t heard, they are splitting this final season over two years. So we’ll get eight episodes this summer and eight episodes next summer. This is total bullshit, but whatever.

So where were we? Walt still holds the title of Top Meth Chef. But it’s tenuous and the danger grows every season. As does the violence. Let me remind you that last season’s premiere featured Gus slitting a guy’s throat with a box cutter and jerking his head back to make the blood gush out. So ready yourself for some blood and guts, just in case they plan on shocking the hell out of us again.

Anyway, we watched as Gus becomes increasingly scary while maintaining his high standing in the community. Only Hank is suspicious, but he’s a depressed gem collector these days and doesn’t have much credibility. Anyway, Walt kills Gus in the most horrifically awesome way ever.

Gus Fring death

Ugh. Sorry about the photo. But if you’re reading this you are a fan of the show and have a strong stomach for violence, right?

Hard as I try, I can’t wish Skylar away.

Skyler Breaking Bad

Holy crap, she is so annoying. She’s sticking around like a bad cold, weighing down the storyline with a car wash, her former coworker, and all the glory a bland accountant brings to the table. Anyway, she’s well aware of how her estranged husband earns a living. I’m hoping Jesse kills her in revenge against Walt.

Walt and Jesse

Walt and Jesse’s relationship has had plenty of ups and downs over the years. But things are at an all-time low. They beat the crap out of each other and just don’t trust each other anymore. Plus, Walt poisoned a freaking kid to make Jesse think Gus was pure evil. You know, I always find myself defending Walt. Like he’s a good guy who just got swept up in it all and he’d probably be a pretty cool chemistry teacher. (That is, if chemistry wasn’t the worst thing ever.) But he’s capable of truly unconscionable things.

Jesse Pinkman

I expect lots more turmoil between Walt and Jesse, but I hope they make peace soon. (Yes, I think Jesse should kill Skyler and then they can celebrate at one of Jesse’s drug parties.) There’s sure to be fallout from killing Gus and they are going to need each other to stay alive. Henchman Mike is sure to go ballistic in his quiet, lethal way.

Mike Breaking Bad

Let’s see, what else? Hank’s wife is still crazy. Hank is still gross, although he’s a good cop and a nice person. Walt’s son is still heartbreaking in his disability and pure goodness. Maybe we’ll see more of the baby this season…

A fan made this video recapping the last four seasons in nine minutes. It’s pretty good if you are really needing a refresher. And I’ll be posting a recap of each episode as it airs.


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  2. Nate Vince says:

    I LOVE breaking bad, been killing my time at until the show comes back.

    Season 5 is awesome.

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