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Catch up on Mad Men Season Six

I realize my life is flashing before my eyes when I see how quickly time goes by between seasons of Mad Men. It’s with a heavy heart that I anticipate this final season. I don’t want it to end! Clearly AMC doesn’t want the ad revenue and award nominations to end either, since they are splitting the final fourteen episodes over two years. That’s right. We’re only getting a trifling seven episodes in 2014. We’d better savor every moment.

Mad Men Megan and Don

Last season we saw that Don and Megan’s honeymoon phase was officially over. Her acting career took off and Don was all kinds of cranky about it. Personally, I was cranky over Don’s season-long affair with his neighbor Sylvia. Also, Megan had a miscarriage.

Linda Cardellini as Sylvia in Mad Men

Peggy had an affair of her own with Ted, her married boss. She thrived at work, showing her true talents as a copy chief, although as a boss she was cutting and cruel. I guess she learned from the best. (I learned it from watching you! Sob.) We saw the two agencies go head to head over Heinz Sauces and Beans. There was a lot of talk about beans and ketchup last season, actually. Secret meetings, under-the-radar creative, and ZERO hotdogs eaten. Seems like a missed opportunity.

Peggy and Ted on Mad Men

Don and Peggy were reunited when the two agencies merged. Don and Ted were constantly at odds and it caused lots of office rage. The creative personalities clashed and everyone was in a bad mood. Roger longed for Joan, but she was happily dating Bob Benson. And Bob Benson was very much in love with a Greek coffee cup, as there was one in his hand for almost the entire season. Oh, and Bob Benson is gay. Oh, and Bob Benson is not who he says he is. Kind of another Dick Whitman/Don Draper dealio, with a secret identity that only Pete Campbell figured out. So we’ll probably learn more about Bob in the new season.

Joan, Roger, and Bob Benson on Mad Men

In the theme of bad moods, Betty occupied in that bitchy state of mind she loves so much, while her hair color and weight fluctuated. But like Jessica Simpson, she stuck to her Weight Watchers until she returned to her former skinny blonde glory. All the sparkle and shine from her new relationship with was Henry is gone and they settled into the same old drudgery of everyday life, just like her first marriage. She allowed herself a one night stand with Don while visiting Bobby at camp.

Anyway, Peggy’s gross boyfriend (Abe) convinced her to buy an apartment in a bad neighborhood instead of the Upper East Side and staunchly defended it against her complaints. He didn’t even take it to heart when he was stabbed by a stranger on the subway. But when he was stabbed a second time by Peggy, that was it for their relationship. (The same annoying person stabbed twice in one episode? I mean…I just love this show so much.)

Pete Campbell Mad Men

Pete Campbell carried on one affair too many and Trudy finally kicked him to the curb. His mama drama sunk his spirits even lower when his mother who had dementia wreaked chaos, starting a fire in his apartment, and marring a shady gold digger who later dumped her off the side of a cruise ship.

The Civil Rights movement of the 60s played an important role in season six. We experienced the tension, the push for change, and the devastation of losing Martin Luther King through not only the main characters, but also the black community. Don’s secretary Dawn was particularly relatable.

Dawn from Mad Men

The Draper children became more complex. Bobby showed himself to be a sad little boy, even when acting out. Sally’s relationship with Megan was fun to watch, as they are closer in age and Megan was much nicer to her than Betty ever was. But when poor Sally walked in on her father and Sylvia going at it, she shut down emotionally. Kids are resilient though, and Sally flourished at bad girl behavior during a trial night in boarding school. Later, she seemed to forgive Don when he started opening up about his sad childhood. Unfortunately, he opened up a bit too much during a client pitch and the other partners fired him.

Mad Men partners

I’m looking forward to finding out what happened to Don and Megan when she found out that he lost his job. She quit her soap opera job in anticipation of Don’s job relocating them to California. My guess is that she, if not both of them, moved anyway.

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  1. Ashley says:

    I was REALLY hoping one of my few friends in the area with cable would let me come over to watch this, or ideally let me create a Mad Men themed party complete with horrible recipes from the 60s. Alas, they were all busy or out of town. I’ll push harder when part 2 of the season comes out, in the mean time I’ll just stream it where I can… I mean, I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD? Yeah, that’s it… heh.

  2. Jay Moe says:

    “Roger longed for Joan, but she was happily dating Bob Benson. And Bob Benson was very much in love with a Greek coffee cup, as there was one in his hand for almost the entire season. Oh, and Bob Benson is gay.”


  3. KarYi says:

    I used to be a big fan of Mad Men but couldn’t stand Megan and stopped watching because I didn’t like her character (and because I was busy with other things). My boyfriend has been giving me little bits of info on the last season but he left out so many juicy details! I really enjoyed reading your little summary and it reminds me why I loved this show in the beginning 🙂

  4. Lee says:

    well. done.

  5. Senor Betty says:

    Nice recap! I feel prepared for the new season. I forget Peggy stabbed Abe. Brilliant!

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