Tuesday, June 4th

California Dreamin’

I love when Mad Men has a California episode. L.A. at that time was just magical.

Mad Men

Roger, Don, and Harry are trying to woo a new client, Carnation Instant Breakfast. Roger assumes they will be a bunch of dumb hicks, but they are tougher than the average prospective clients. The meeting was rough.

Luckily, Harry takes them to a groovy party in the hills where he wants to talk to some movie producers. Roger runs into an old nemesis and makes lots of short jokes and ultimately gets punched in the junk. Don smokes a bunch of hashish and almost drowns in the pool, where he hallucinates that Megan is there and happily quit her job and is pregnant. Is that what he really wants? Another Betty?

Mad Men Roger

Back in NYC, Michael Ginsberg is having mood swings all over the place. Ted describes him as “lightning in a bottle” which I guess is why he’s allowed to mouth off and call the partners fascists and nazis. The partners themselves are still at a deadlock when it comes to renaming the agency.

Mad Men Partners

Cutter is supposed to be saving the Manischewitz account, but sends Bob Benson is his place with Michael Ginsberg. We didn’t get to witness the meeting, but we learn that the agency is up for review, meaning their days on the account are numbered. No one cares. Ted finally got Chevy to sign off on the creative. Whew.

Speaking of accounts, Joan is doing a little networking of her own and has a lead on Avon.When it comes time to pass the reigns over to Pete, she cuts him out of the loop. Peggy is livid. Neither she, nor Joan, are trained at closing deals with clients and when Pete finds out…well, let’s just say that Pete and Joan’s recent friendship is probably over.

Mad Men Joan and Peggy

Peggy intercepts Joan from her firing squad of Pete and Ted by saying Avon is on the phone. We hear Ted give Pete the brush-off. It’s Joan’s account. If they land it, that is.

Mad Men partners

The partners get together one last time in the episode and settle on an agency name. Sterling Cooper and Partners. SC&P. Has a nice ring to it. I think they can finally start acting as a unified team now.

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