Monday, September 23rd

Breaking Bad and the Identity Crisis

It’s a dark day when I have to admit to myself that there’s only one remaining episode of Breaking Bad. Sad to see another show I love end, but I’m glad they never gave it a chance to get stale. Nothing worse when a great show sticks around too long and starts to suck. Sons of Anarchy entered suck territory a couple years ago. End already!

Anyway, the other sad thing is that I’ll be missing the series finale on Sunday. I inadvertently scheduled an international vacation that begins the same day. I’ll be leaving my laptop behind and will be unable to blog while away. Here’s where you come in, dear readers. Would anyone like to watch the show and write a blog post for Monday morning? I know it’s a hard sell, asking someone to stay up late writing on a Sunday evening. But if you love the show and would like to expose your writing to thousands next week, leave me a comment and let me know you are interested.

Before we talk about the episode, I just wanted to make sure you saw the Jimmy Fallon spoof video, Joking Bad. This is hilarious!

Our episode begins in the vacuum repair store where both Walt and Saul are hiding out until their new identities kick in. Walt wants Saul to give him names of hit men to take out Evil Uncles. Turns out he isn’t cool with them stealing $70M of his hard-earned cash. But Saul wants no parts of it and goes to live his new life in Nebraska. Bye, Saul. We’ll see you in the spin-off.

Breaking Bad Walt and Saul

Walt accepts his own fate and rides in a propane tank all the way to New Hampshire. He’s to live in a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere. Saul’s identity guy, Ed, set the whole thing up and will be Walt’s only contact, coming once a month to drop of supplies. Walt is lonely and misses his family, but his most pressing concern is that he’s dying. We watch him wasting away and it’s a dark, depressing scene. Ed brings him Ensure to help him gain weight and learns how to administer the IV Walt needs. A+ for customer service, Ed.

Breaking Bad Walter White

Breaking Bad Walter White

Breaking Bad Ed gives Walt IV

When Ed tells Walter how Skyler and the kids are doing, we can virtually hear Walt’s heart rip in half in his chest. He’s devastated at how they don’t have any money and she’s taken to working taxi dispatch to help make ends meet. He stuffs some cash in an Ensure box and takes the long walk in the snow to the little one-horse town. He calls Flynn at school from a pay phone and cries and tells him he’s sending cash. He expresses that his intentions were good, that he did all this to take care of them. Flynn freaks out and tells him to die already.

Breaking Bad Walt's cash

Breaking Bad Heisenberg

So what’s up with Jesse? He’s still in his cell and it looks like most of his visible wounds have healed. He steals a paperclip from the lab and uses it to open his handcuffs and shackles. He convinces Todd to leave the tarp off the top when he comes by to drop off some Ben & Jerry’s.

Breaking Bad Jesse

I should mention that Todd is crushing on Lydia pretty hard which makes me laugh. Never going to happen, Todd. I’m still unsure about how bad Todd really is. On one hand, he takes pity on Skyler and doesn’t kill her, even though Lydia wants her dead. On the other hand, he shoots Jesse’s innocent ex-girlfriend Andrea in the head just to punish Jesse for escaping out of his cell. Again we are treated to a fine acting moment by Aaron Paul. This guy is incredible, right?

But Todd needs to die. Like, yesterday.

Breaking Bad Walter White

Back to Walt. He calls the DEA so they can trace the call and come get him. Old Walter’s giving up the fight. He’s enjoying what will probably be his final drink ever and the bartender is flipping through the channels on the TV. Walt stops him when he sees his old partner discussing the company he helped found, Gray Matter. They give him no credit for helping start the company and try to distance themselves from the name Walter White. I guess he’s got one more score to settle, because when the feds show up to the bar, Walter is long gone.

6 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    If only they would have sold the methylamine when they had the chance.

  2. Megan says:

    I don’t know how I feel about the reintroduction of Grey Matter. Granted, if he hadn’t left he would be rolling in dough and wouldn’t have needed to cook meth, BUT it feels odd at this point in the game.

  3. Senor Betty says:

    “Meth Damon”, nice. I like when Jesse referred to him as a “dead-eyed Opie.”

    Walt is Jesse’s only chance at liberation. I still have hope.

    So much still needs to happen in the last episode! I can’t take the suspense

  4. Rachel says:

    I thought the safest part of the episode was when Walt said he would pay the guy $10,000 to stay two hours, but then he got him down to just 1!

    Poor Jessie, can someone just hug this guy or what? I think he is going to turn into “Gus”in the last episode… Just my prediction

  5. Corrin says:

    So much to take in.

    Meth Damon is a psychopath. I think he’s the most ruthless of them all.

    Flynn finally had the reaction I was hoping for. It was nice to see him say something with some gusto.

    I think Walt is going to take himself down in flames in the last episode. Mr. White is gone, Mr. Lambert was short lived — all that’s left is Heisenberg (did you notice the coughing fits as he transitioned from one to the next?). And he better let Jesse live.

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