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Breaking Bad Gives Us One More Season

Sunday’s the big day. Breaking Bad will come to a close with the final eight episodes. While I’m sad to see it go, it’s better to go out on a high note, while the writing is still good.

So are you all caught up? Do you remember where we left off? Let me jog your memory. If you need a little backstory, here’s last year’s recap.

Breaking Bad Walt and Jesse

We started off the season with Walt acting like a monster, intimidating everyone in his path. He destroys all traces of Gus Fring through explosions and giant magnets. People die. Laptops die. He and Mike are not getting along, which remains a theme all season. But Mike agrees to partner with Walt and Jesse and be the distributing arm of their business.

Breaking Bad Mike

Mike leverages a huge methylamine connection and the guys are bigger than ever. They need a new place to cook and decide to set up temporary labs in people’s homes while they are being fumigated for bugs. Gross.

Breaking Bad Walt and Jesse

Despite all the money rolling in, large cuts of it are being taken out to pay all of Mike’s prison cronies. Walt doesn’t like it, but Jesse’s like chill, bitch. Jesse’s trying to live a somewhat normal life, but Walt manipulates him into breaking up with his girlfriend. And Walt moves back home causing Skyler to have a nervous breakdown. At least she’s doing something interesting for once. She keeps getting more interesting, actually. Especially when she takes a weird night swim. She convinces Hank and Marie that she’s losing it, so they keep their kids. Skyler just doesn’t want her kids around Walt.

Breaking Bad Skyler

Hank gets promoted at work. Guess he won’t have a anymore time for gem collecting. (There goes my brilliant spinoff idea, Hank’s Rough Gems.) The DEA are getting closer though, and the guys have to work a little harder to secure their methylamine. A hot tip leads them to pull off an incredible train heist, stealing a ton of the stuff and replacing it with water. They have to recruit an extra set of hands, and unfortunately choose Todd, local idiot. When their actions are witnessed by a young boy, Todd kills him without thought. This is the heaviest moment of the season.

Breaking Bad Todd and Jesse

They deal with the dead kid honorably and bring him home to his family. No, of course not. They disintegrate the kid and his bike in a vat of chemicals. The weight of this is killing Jesse, but Walt is quite comfortable being a kid-killer.

Breaking Bad Walt, Jesse, and Mike

Both Jesse and Mike want out of the business for good. They try to convince Walt to sell his third of the methylamine to some Phoenix cooks so they can each walk away with a cool $5M. But Walt knows if they cook it, it’ll be worth $300M and he ruins the deal for all of them.

Mike continues to pay all his jail guys and also socks away some big cash for his granddaughter. Jesse officially quits on Walt in a big blowout scene. Mike spends an episode covering his tracks until Walt finally kills him. Walt’s power trip is endless. Bye, Mike.

Breaking Bad Mike

Once Mike is dead, Walt takes care of his prison friends, orchestrating a violent murder rampage. All of them are dead within two minutes time. Walt takes his business to the Czech Republic and is making more money than ever. He’s cooking up a storm with idiot Todd, since Jesse quit.

Breaking Bad Walt and Skyler money

Walt and Jesse have a little reminiscing about the good old days and Walt gives him some money. Speaking of money, there’s so much that they have nowhere left to put it. Skyler rents a storage unit for the sheer volume of bills. Walt agrees that, yes, this is finally enough. He’s going to get out of the meth business. Happy ending!

But wait! Hank finds a book inscribed by Gus Fring Gale on the back of Walt’s toilet and makes the connection that Walt is the guy he’s been looking for all this time.

Breaking Bad Hank

And that’s where we left off…

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    Great recap. But wasn’t Walt’s book inscribed by Gael, his second cooking partner, whom Jesse later killed?

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