Monday, September 30th

Breaking Bad Finale: Felina (Guest post by a Mexican)

As Kristin is enjoying the tropical paradise of Playa del Carmen and detoxing from social media, she invited (more like outsourced) fellow Twitter inhabitant Hector (@Mexicanity) to share his thoughts about the finale. She only asked for no awful puns.

I wrote a very detailed review of last night’s episode around midnight, still relishing the episode, but my brain seemed to be still in Breaking Bad mode, giving me strange dreams. I decided to erase it all. Here are my thoughts.

The last minutes of the previous episode promised, with the full show’s theme, a final confrontation out of a western movie. They didn’t disappoint.


We see Walt at his best and Heisenberg at his worst. Walt shows some honesty for a change when he meets one final time with Skyler, confessing that he did all this because it made him feel alive. On the other hand, Heisenberg manifests himself as the coldblooded drive that will do anything to get what he wants: terrorizing his former Gray Matter associates to ensure his family’s financial stability, taking care of Todd’s relatives with an M60 machine gun attached to an automatic door opener and proudly confessing to Lidia that he poisoned her with the Stevia.


And Jesse. His future is so uncertain but two things occurred that it doesn’t matter what happens later in his life: he kills Todd (something that might seem natural after all the bad blood between them) and driving away, free. The confrontation with Walt is one of the best moments, in my Mexican opinion.

Walt is seriously wounded by his on weapon and spends his last moments at the compound’s meth lab. It almost seems happy to see all the equipment. He passed away next to what he loved.


I would recommend everyone that enjoyed the series to revisit the first episode. It is a stark contrast to what everyone became at the end.

Also, I don’t understand why anyone would try chamomile tea with soy milk and Stevia.

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  1. “This is where you get to make it right,” Walter tells his former business partners early in the episode. And that, too, was a harbinger of things to come, on a show that managed to get it right not just in this run up to the finish line, but time and time again.

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