Monday, September 16th

Breaking Bad and Wives with Knives

Why don’t you just kill us, AMC? HO. LY. SHIT. I can’t even…

This was the heaviest episode of the series. No question about it. I knew it would be crazy in the final countdown, but this storyline is so much harsher than I imagined. I want to curl up in a ball and rock back and forth, clutching my homemade meth doohickey. A pipe? Meth really isn’t part of the story anymore. I’m starting to forget how to do it. I guess I’ll just eat these blue crystals over here.

Anyway, we start in the desert. Flashback time. It’s the good ole’ days when Walt and Jesse are cooking in an RV. Walt’s in his tighty whities and Jesse’s acting a fool. Walt calls pregnant Skyler and they chat about the possibility of “Holly” as a baby name. They are happy as clams and planning a little weekend getaway. Funny, I don’t remember them being that happy, but okay.

Back to the present, still in the desert. Last week’s shootout is coming to an end. Gomez is dead. Jesse’s escaped. Hank is surrounded by Evil Uncles and their gang of gunmen. Walt pleads with them to spare Hank, offering up the $80M he has buried. Whoa. This is a huge gesture. Hank is unmoved, as are the men. Hank gets in one Go fuck yourself before they shoot him. Oh my God. Hank is dead. HANK IS DEAD. If you think you’re taking it badly, Walt has turned to stone. He falls in the dirt, mouth agape, and stays like that while the thugs dig up all his money.

Breaking Bad Gomez is dead

Breaking Bad Hank

The kindly Evil Uncle gives a barrel to Walt. His men protest but he finds greed unattractive. (That’s the episode’s only ha ha moment.) So Walt walks away with $11 million. Surprisingly, after his huge gesture to try to save Hank, he turns into a monster again and demands they kill Jesse, who was hiding underneath the car. Gun to his head, OMG ARE THEY GOING TO KILL JESSE RIGHT NOW?!, he is saved by Todd, who wants to get some information out of him before killing him. Whew. Jesse lives. Walt twists the knife and lets him know he watched Jesse’s old girlfriend die of an overdose rather than help her. Remember Junkie Jane?

Breaking Bad Jane

I’m surprised everyone is able to drive away, since the cars were all shot up. Sure enough, Walt’s car leaks all the gas and he is stranded. We watch him roll the barrel through the desert (and a pair of his pants lost in the very first episode) and I just love this show. They take such ugly subject matter and shoot it so cinematically. It’s a thing of true beauty. Anyone who says television is not art is wrong. Walt eventually finds an elderly Native American man and hands over a stack of cash to buy his ancient truck.

Skyler and Flynn are chilling in the carwash when Marie storms in, demanding to talk. This pivotal moment sets off a series of unfortunate events. She tells Skyler that Walt is in custody and starts making all kinds of demands, one of which is that they tell Flynn the truth about his father. Understandably, Flynn just freaks out saying everything is bullshit. He’s flabbergasted by the amount of lies surrounding him. Poor Flynn. This sucks.

So where are our two heroes? Jesse is chained in a cell, bloodied, limping and swollen. The character Jesse Pinkman has reached an infinite amount of new lows. I keep thinking he’s hit the worst, but it keeps going another level down. But THIS. This is the lowest. Todd drags him into a meth lab on a dog line and there’s a photo of Andrea and Brock hanging. Just a subtle threat. I’m starting to think that he would have been better off buried in the desert with Hank and Gomez.

Breaking Bad Jesse

Breaking Bad Jesse

Walt is frantically packing suitcases for his family. Skyler and the kids come in, confused to see him since he’s supposed to be in custody. He repeatedly begs them to pack and leave but they don’t budge. Skyler immediately knows Hank is dead. He tries to reason with them, but Skyler instead grabs a knife and threatens him. She slashes his hand and the two struggle over the knife, rolling on the floor getting blood everywhere. It’s an intense scene and at one point, Flynn jumps in and tackles his dad. Skyler and Flynn cower from Walt on the floor and in that instant Walt sees it and we see it…he’s lost his family. Walter White is utterly alone.

Breaking Bad Skyler and Holly

Breaking Bad Walt and Flynn

Maybe it was that loneliness that made him grab Holly and take off with her. WHAT?! I’m already exhausted from this episode. I don’t know if I can deal with an abduction. Obviously Skyler and everyone are devastated/horrified/losing their minds. The house is full of cops, Marie, everyone. It’s a bad scene, man.

Walt has a tender moment with Holly; she’s his only comfort. But she repeatedly calls out “Mama” and the pain on Walt’s face is evident. He knows he has to give her back. He leaves her in a fire truck at the Albuquerque fire station so she’s in safe hands. He calls Skyler and plays the part of the villain, effectively freeing his family from their attachment to him. It’s a hard conversation to watch because we know his family is his life.

Breaking Bad Walter White

The next time we see Walt he’s being picked up by Saul’s identity guy.

Breaking Bad Walter White

Two episodes left. You know, I was going to begin this post with a discussion about the Saul Goodman spinoff prequel. But I’m too shattered to think about it. We’ll talk about it later, okay?

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  1. Wait what? There’s going to a Saul prequel? I think that’s a bad idea.

    And I knew that Hank was going to die after watching last week, but I was just hoping I was wrong. Poor Hank. Also…when Marie went to the car wash, she was wearing black, not purple….right? I’m all into how they work color into the show!

  2. Megan says:

    Just finished watching and had to come over here. ALL THE FEELS. I don’t think I could handle watching this in real time with commercials.

  3. Kristina says:

    It’s as if each episode is an intense season finale. It was gut wrenching to watch Walt behave like Satan and to continue to unravel and loose all bits of reality. I may need to go on serious TV fast after the last episode as the bar has been lifted to high for me to enjoy other shows right now. Even trying to free his family still can’t feel for Walt anymore. Jesse oh please Jesse find a way to be the one to put him out of his misery.

  4. Senor Betty says:

    This show is hurtling towards the finale and I am more unsettled after each episode. I think we know why Walt has that huge machine gun in his trunk now.

    I didn’t pick up on the pants in the desert. Brilliant!

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