Monday, August 19th

Breaking Bad and All That Cash

Remember this?

Skyler and Walt look at a huge stack of cash

All that money is proving to be kind of tough to carry. Too bad there’s no debit card for this kind of thing. Seems a shame to lock up all these pretty stacks. Jesse’s cash on the other hand is free as a bird, literally flying out the windows. He’s discovered in a neighborhood playground, his money all over the place. Poor Jesse is cracking up and is catatonic on the merry-go-round. He ends up in custody.

Meanwhile, Walt and Hank race to get to Skyler first. Hank wins. He meets Skyler in a diner where he expresses empathy and understanding to her situation before immediately grilling her. He wants to get his evidence locked down and bust Walt immediately. He rants about Walt and his cancer returning, which comes as a surprise to Skyler. Walt never told her! Skyler insists she wants a lawyer and their little meeting culminates in her freaking out and asking if she’s under arrest over and over. Am I under arrest? Am I under arrest?!

Skyler asks if she's under arrest

She’s not under arrest, by the way.

Walt does what any sensible man in his position does; he visits his lawyer. Saul suggests that Walt kill Hank, as murder has worked so well for him in the past. Walt balks at the idea of killing family. He has standards, you see. Saul’s thugs fetch Walt’s stack of money for him after a dreamy moment of laying on the money and debating stealing it and running away to Mexico together. (Spin-off idea: The thugs move to a little town in Mexico and use the money to open a world-class ice skating rink. They live in a mansion with a bunch of orphans who are training to be Olympic skaters. It’s called 50 Blades of Love.)

Walt spends hours driving into the desert, digging a giant hole, and burying his huge barrels of cash. He memorizes the coordinates of where it’s buried before destroying the GPS. Later he puts the numbers on a lottery ticket. Clever.

Breaking Bad Hank

Hank is still trying to find the evidence he needs to take down Walt. He and Marie show up at Sklyer’s. Marie completely freaks out. She slaps Skyler across the face and tries to steal Baby Holly. Hank steps in and prevents the kidnapping, but the division between the two couples is palpable. This family has been torn apart.

When Walt and Skyler finally reconnect, Walt is looking pretty rough. He’s filthy from digging in the desert and passes out cold on the bathroom floor before he can shower. He wakes up five hours later, clean and bandaged…but still on the bathroom floor. Skyler tells him she knows the cancer is back. He says he’ll turn himself in if she promises to keep the money and pass it on to their children. “Please don’t let me have done all this for nothing.”

But Sklyer wants to keep quiet, knowing that Hank doesn’t have what he needs to make an arrest yet. Meanwhile, Hank knows that the moment he admits that the man he’s been searching for all year was his brother-in-law, his career will be over. So this plotline is going to take some time to shake out. In the meantime, Hank has Jesse in custody and we see him about to question him.

In the big surprise of the week, Lydia heads out to the new meth lab, a creepy underground bus in the middle of the desert. She wants to talk to the new cook, because his product stinks and they’ve already lost $50M. But it turns out to be an ambush. Lydia and her men (including Todd) kill everyone on site. Looks like they are taking back the meth business. I wonder if she’ll be able to rope Walt back in for a last cooking session.

What did you think of last night’s episode?

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  1. Trina says:

    I had a dream that I was Lydia and convinced Walt to move to the Czech Republic to cook, haha.

    That moment in the diner with Hank and Skyler was INTENSE. One that had me, oddly, rooting for Sky and Walt to get away with what Walt has done (I mean, that bull Hank tried to feed her about “caring” didn’t sound genuine to me…). She still loves Walt and like Marie said after The Slap: “You won’t say anything because you hope Walt will get away with it!” or something similar to that.

    And also, where the toot is Flynn? College, already?

    Reading your recaps makes me feel like I’m re-watching the episode and it’s key parts over again. Love ’em!

  2. Senor Betty says:

    I think Hank should be worried about possibly being implicated in this whole thing as well as looking foolish for not realizing Heisenberg is his brother-in-law. It would seem like a natural question for the DEA.

    Too many awkward Skyler moments in that episode.

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