Monday, July 23rd

Breaking Bad and a Side of Franch

The 2012 Emmy nominations have been announced and Breaking Bad scored multiple nods. Bryan Cranston earned a nomination as well as Aaron Paul (Jesse), Giancarlo Esposito (Gus) and Ana Gunn (Skyler) in addition to the show’s nomination for Outstanding Drama Series. Sweet! I’d love to see Aaron Paul win again.

Now to discuss the latest episode. We start our pretty weird. We’re in a German test kitchen and a team of food scientists are unveiling some new sauces to an executive, Mr. Schuler. He dips into each sauce with no expression. We quickly learn that we are inside the massive conglomerate (Madrigal) that owns Los Pollos Hermanos, along with many other restaurants. Rather than face the three men there to see him, presumably the cops wanting to link him to Gus and the meth lab, he kills himself with a defibrillator in the bathroom. When he crashes off the red toilet face first onto the floor, I am reminded why I love this show so much: the camera work. It is genius.

Later, Hank and his partner attend a big meeting with Madrigal who agree to cooperate with the investigation. Also, Hank’s boss apologizes to him for not listening to his suspicions about Gus. He ended up getting fired. Bye, bossy boss.

Walter White

We hear a conversation where Jesse is freaking out that he lost the poison cigarette Walt gave him. Walt calms him down and says he’ll help Jesse search his house for it. Of course, Walt is lying and has the cigarette. He hides the poison in his wall and makes a duplicate cigarette filled with salt. We don’t see him drop it in Jesse’s apartment, but at some point he does and DJ Roomba picks it up. Jesse cries with relief and regret. He almost shot Walt over that storyline. Walt is comforting and reassures Jesse that they are still BFF.


Walt and Jesse approach Mike and ask if he’d like to be a partner with them. They want to start cooking again ASAP and know Mike would be great at helping their distribution. Without Gus running the show, they can all share larger chunks of the profit, but Mike isn’t interested because Walt is trouble. He is right.

Always busy, Mike meets new character Lydia at a diner. She is nervous and uptight, and afraid that Gus’ dealings will lead back to her. She gives Mike a list of eleven people who she feels threaten her, in the hopes that Mike will deal with kill them. The list of people are Gus’ guys, and he assures her that they are safe and will keep their mouths shut. That doesn’t satisfy Lydia and she commissions one of the guys to kill the others, including Mike. Damn, lady.

Mike and Lydia

In a moment of humanity, Gus lets Lydia live in exchange for her methylamine connections. It looks like he’s going to be doing business with ole’ Walter White after all.

Mike is really a tough dude. He is equally cool playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos with his granddaughter, in the hot seat with the cops, or shooting his friends in the head. I am liking him more and more. Even though Gus’ laptop was destroyed by the magnet, the cops attained some valuable banking information leading them to Mike and his cronies. So there’s plenty of danger ahead.

I’m hoping next week is a Jesse-heavy episode. More Jesse Pinkman, yo!

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    Agreed . . .Mike is awesome and I’m hoping for more Jesse, bitch!

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