Wednesday, June 19th

Boarding School

Only one episode left now. The season went by so fast, didn’t it? I feel like we don’t have too much that needs to be wrapped up at the point. The writers are free to do what they want.

Mad Men Ken Cosgrove

Poor Ken. As if the Chevy people weren’t beating him up enough, this time they actually shot him. I thought they killed him during their hunting expedition, but it looks like it was just a simple shot to the eye. (!) Not saying that I want to see Ken die or anything, but it might have made for a better storyline. Right, Game of Thrones fans?

Mad Men

So Ken removes himself from his Chevy duties and states his hatred for Detroit. Pete Campbell is his replacement on the account, meaning he has to work closely with his boyfriend Bob Benson. The question all season has been What’s the deal with Bob Benson? We finally have a little more information. The deal is…he’s not who he says he is. Sound familiar, Don Draper Dick Whitman? When Pete enlists Duck’s headhunting services for Bob, we discover that his background is more humble than he lets on. Pete confronts Bob, who asks for a day’s head start to get away. In one of the most shocking moments of the season, Pete lets him stay! This is baffling to me, and goes against everything we know about Pete. Well done, writers.

Don is drinking more heavily than usual. Sally catching him having an affair really bothered him, I guess. Megan suggests he reel it in a bit, and he agrees to stay home from work one day. Probably good, since he started the day with a Screwdriver. Ugh. Does anything sound less appealing than liquor in the morning? Later, he and Megan go to see Rosemary’s Baby and run into Peggy and Ted. I don’t know if they are having an affair or not, but clearly their relationship has reached a new level of compatibility and it’s evident to everyone. Especially Don.

Mad Men Don and Megan

Mad Men Peggy and Ted

In a move unlike the level-headed Ted we know and love, he disobeys a client’s budget to cast a commercial. Peggy has the idea of her life and he wants to bring it to fruition and see her win a CLIO. I’d like to see her win one, too, but c’mon, Ted. Don’t be a fool. Don catches it all in the knick of time and calls the client, which leads to a very tense meeting. Don powerfully toys with Ted, almost outing his feelings for Peggy in front of everyone. In one fell swoop, he gets the client to approve a higher budget and takes Peggy’s dream away, crediting the ad concept to the late Frank Gleason. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I hate for someone to lose credit on their own creative idea, but I also hate that Peggy is so blatant at work. I guess when it comes down to it, I’m always on Don’s side.

Mad Men Sally Draper

Sally is exploring a right of passage every New York rich kid who needs to escape their terrible parents tries: boarding school. She spends the night at a prestigious school as a trial. Not having been to boarding school, I can’t speak to this with any authority, but I believe the mean girl behavior is pretty typical. But Sally wraps those bitches around her finger when she smuggles in boys, booze, and cigarettes. It’s good to see Glen again!

Mad Men Glen

This storyline is so much fun. I hope Sally enrolls and we get to see her flourish into a bad girl. Betty lets Sally smoke in the car on the way home. Mother of the Year!

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  2. Jodi says:

    I really enjoyed this week’s episode, and last week’s too. Sad to see the season come to an end on Sunday, but that will leave me more time for House of Cards and Arrested Development.

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