Wednesday, May 21st

A Better Workout: RELAYS Giveaway

I’ve been hitting the gym a lot lately. I like to hide out in the dark bike studio and hold my own private spin class during off hours. Why do I ride on my own? Because I’ve been to enough classes to have developed my own tough routine and frankly, I want my own music. The teachers at my gym tend towards either techno or Kenny Logins. I mean…just…no.

Lately my workouts have been improved by my earbuds. Sol Republic sent me a pair of RELAYS to try out and you guys, they are fantastic. They are specifically made for working out and they don’t fall out. No matter what you do, those suckers stay in!

Sol Republic RELAYS


You can sweat like crazy, lay on the floor for crunches or stretching, or shake your head around. They’ll stay in. And the sound quality is tight, too. They retail for about $80, so these are premium in-ear headphones that will last. Also useful when you’re not working out, the three-button operation gives you control over your music, the mic, and your phone. They come with four cushions so you can customize the fit that’s best for you. (I use the second-smallest cushions.) You pull the back of your ear a bit, gently insert it until it feels comfortably secure and go about your business.

Sol Republic RELAYS


So how can you win a pair? Just leave me a comment and tell me one workout song that gets you pumped. I’ll randomly draw a name on June 4th. (Like Sol Republic and Mad Betty on Facebook for extra chances to win!)

*I received a free pair of RELAYS for review purposes, but I was not paid for my review and all opinions are my own.

21 Responses

  1. Claire says:

    Kanye West – Stronger!

  2. Sean Collier says:

    Rob D – Matrix – Clubbed to Death [Kurayamino Mix]

  3. Optimista says:

    “Guilty” by Gravity Kills!

  4. Jessica Pearson says:

    GLEE, especially all their B Spears covers

  5. Kim Roseland says:

    Skrillex! Scary Monsters and NIce Sprites. Bomb.

  6. June says:

    Eminem-Lose yourself 😉

  7. Katie Petzolt says:

    I heard “Let me think about it” by Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand in a Zumba class one day and it stuck with me ever since.

  8. Hello? What’s wrong with a little Kenny Loggins??! Footloose all the WAY!

  9. I’ve been into Daft Punk lately!

  10. At the moment it’s Why You Wanna by Poolside. I am on the prowl for new earbuds–these looks great.

  11. Just for fun, I taught spinning for a couple of years. Primary reason – so I could pick the music. I used to have these wacky mash-ups that were a lot of fun. One that stands out is Nelly, It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here and Staying Alive by the Bee Gees. Another goodie was Green Day, Basket Case mashed up with Nelly singing Country Grammar.

  12. Taryn says:

    Anything Icona Pop! I Don’t Care, Then We Kiss, All Night, or anything!

  13. Jeff Amador says:

    That is SO weird, but “He Got Game” by Public Enemy is my favorite workout song, too. I absolutely CANNOT believe that somebody else posted that. My mind just exploded.

  14. Mike says:

    Show Me How To Live by Audioslave – incredible.

  15. Justin S says:

    The new Kylie Minogue album gets me pumped. Best song for working out is: Les Sex. Sounds like a ridiculous title for a song but it’s got a great beat.

  16. Carissa SAUNDERS says:

    Believe it or not, anything by They Might Be Giants is working lately.

  17. Terry Grier says:

    For me – Public Enemy’s – He got Game – Is the song that can turn me from half assing my workout – into turning it up – and being in “Full Effect!” None better right here.

  18. Amy Drohen says:

    Kanye West’s “Stronger” pumps me up!

  19. Crazy from Gnarls Barkley. I have no idea why. lol

  20. Eric says:

    “Headphones” by Mounties has been my jam for like the past month.

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