Tuesday, April 10th

Be Our Guest

What’s the key to ensuring your guests have an enjoyable visit? Um, nice towels. That’s all it takes.

guest basket

Okay, maybe it takes more than that. But fluffy spa towels are a nice start. Providing all the toiletries your guests may need takes the burden off them. Plus, that leaves more room in their suitcases to fill with gifts for you…from Trader Joe’s.

A nice little arrangement of bottled water, fancy soaps, and fun little treats lets your guests know they are special. That you care so much about them and prepared for their visit. And you want them to feel comfortable and pampered.

Planning a list of fun activities and some relaxing downtime helps your guests achieve the perfect vacation balance. Of course, in Austin it’s easy. Everyone wants to come here. Even if you had ratty towels, they’d come.

Guest bathroom


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  1. Lee says:

    You are the hostess with the mostest. Can’t wait to take advantage of it again!!!

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