Tuesday, January 15th

An Old Man’s Drudge

Ah, it’s the second episode of Downton and it seems we’ve already hit our stride. I’m settled in, I know what channel to watch, and I don’t need to block out two hours of my life this week. If you missed the two-hour season premiere you can read a recap here, and a recap of the first two seasons here.

Mary and Matthew are still sniping at each other. He doesn’t want to accept Lavinia’s family’s fortune, seeing as they never got married. And Mary thinks he should accept the money to save Downton. Um, yeah, Matthew. Why are you being such a drama queen about this? Frankly, these two are working my last nerve. Just get along already, you crazy husband/wife/cousin duo.

Mary and Matthew

Lavinia’s father sent Matthew a letter. Matthew refuses to read the last words of a dead man, because he’s more interested in being a whiney little bitch, so Mary takes the letter and reads it. And it turns out that he knew Matthew and Lavinia didn’t work out because Lavinia mailed a letter before she died, but they were leaving him the money anyway. Mary was thrilled that Matthew could accept the money without guilt or reservation. Matthew suggests Mary forged the letter and refuses to accept the good news. In the end though, Dummy Daisy confesses to mailing the letter and Matthew saves Downton after all. Robert accepts the money on the condition that they call it an investment and Matthew becomes a joint master of the house.

Thank God the house has been saved. The family was going to have to live in Downton Place. Hardly a dump, but no one was happy about it. It was going to be too small and they would have to cut the staff down to seven people. I know exactly who I would fire.

Downton Place

Carson finds out about Mrs. Hughes through eavesdropping and trickery. She insists that she’s fine, and he feigns ignorance. Throw Mrs. Patmore in the mix and the whole runaround is a little silly. In a touching moment, Cora tells Mrs. Hughes that they will take care of her forever, that if she is sick, she will stay at Downton. Mrs. Hughes is deeply moved by this, and I am, too. When the test results come in and her tumor is benign, we all breathe a sigh of relief.

Anna continues to search for information that will prove Bates’ innocence. The information she hears leads her to believe otherwise and this signifies dark times ahead for these two. What a bummer.


The war between Thomas and O’Brien continues. Thomas uses Mosley to leak the news that O’Brien is quitting, which of course, she isn’t. As far as I know, no one else in town is looking to hire a pinched-face shrew. When O’Brien gets wind of the news, she promises to get even with Thomas. Poor Mosley is so simple, he never has a clue.

O'Brien and Mosley

Speaking of not having a clue…Daisy. She spends the episode asking anyone who will listen if she should be more outspoken. No, Daisy. You need to shut up. Always. 

Okay, and the real reason for the episode: Edith’s wedding! She is deliriously happy and it’s so nice to see her finally have her day. Despite the fact that no one approves of Oldie and that Mr. Travis is officiating her wedding, rather than the archbishop who married Matthew and Mary, she is beaming with joy. She is clearly in love with Oldie, and we know that they will have a happy life together even though Dow-Count says she will just be an old man’s drudge.

Milk, milk, lemonade. Around the corner a drudge is made. 

Mary, Edith, and Sybil

I think Edith makes an even lovelier bride than Mary was last week, as I prefer both her dress and her hair. They are planning on a fabulous long honeymoon in Rome, Florence and Venice. All of this makes it so much worse when Oldie jilts her as she meets him at the alter. WHAT A TOOL! He claims to be trying to do the right thing, but frankly, his timing sucks. I am so mad at Oldie right now!

Oldie and Edith

Poor Edith is inconsolable. She holes up in her room crying and refusing to eat or talk to anyone. My heart is broken. This is terrible! She seems resigned to her old maid status, although I hope she meets someone else.

Downton Wedding Meal

The staff quickly removes the flowers, cake, and all signs of wedding reception from the house. There is so much fabulous food to be given to the church, the poor, and the house staff. They all gather at their table to eat and stare at the high class spread with trepidation. No hobo soup for y’all tonight! Lurch doesn’t even want it; he asks for cheese. It’s official…I really hate Lurch.

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  2. Joanne says:

    I love reading recaps with screenshots! It makes me remember distinctly the scenes from the episode. I am in love with this show seriously. I can’t stop wishing it’s that time of the week already so I can get my next fix.

  3. Lord Betty Earl of South Lamar says:

    Hear, hear, Mad Betty! Smashing good post! I laughed so hard I spilled tea on my knickers.

  4. I liked Edith’s dress better too! I felt so bad for her!! 🙁 I think that if I met Edith that we’d be friends & have Old Maid pity parties. : /

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