Monday, August 26th

2013 VMAs

I skipped Breaking Bad in favor of the 2013 VMAs, the holiest of holidays here on Mad Betty. This year’s roster had more star power and musicians I care about than VMAs of recent years. (But Breaking Bad recaps will resume tomorrow!)

Video Music Awards 2013

The strongest act of the night was Lady Gaga’s show opener. Multiple costume changes and a proficient dance troupe made it feel like a Broadway performance. But had the production been smaller scale, it still would have outshone the others, as Gaga escaped the pitchiness that hurt most of the performances. Her look did not disappoint, either. Each costume was wacky and weird, which we’ve come to expect.

Lada Gaga VMAs

Here’s a little reminder of Gaga at previous VMAs:

Lady Gaga VMAs 2009

Lady Gaga VMAs 2009

Lady Gaga VMAs

Miley Cyrus also had some wacko looks, although the effect was less than pleasing. I’m sorry, I can’t stand her. I hate her tongue constantly hanging out of her mouth, I hate her twerking all over the place, and I hate her style. Robin Thicke was so painfully off-key, that I’d consider the collaboration the worst performance of the night. He rocked that Beetlejuice suit though.

Miley Cyrus 2013 VMAs

Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus 2013 VMAs

Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus 2013 VMAs

Kanye West did a sad autotuned number in silhouette. It’s been speculated that his permanent grill causes him great embarrassment, which is why he never smiles or speaks in public. I don’t know if that’s true, but we didn’t see much of the new dad last night.

Kanye West Grill

The most hyped performance of the evening came from Vanguard Award and Video of the Year award winner Justin Timberlake. His ten song medley stretched on for 15 minutes, most of which he danced through. The anticipated N’SYNC reunion was short and sweet, with JC Chasez clearly enjoying himself a bit too much.

N'SYNC VMA reunion

Other highlights included a touching performance by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis after they won awards for Best Hip Hop Video and Best Video featuring a Social Message. Bruno Mars took home Best Male Video and sang his new single Gorilla. I love that song and desperately hope it’s not overplayed; I didn’t really want it to become a single. Katy Perry closed the show with her new hit Roar. Her boxing themed performance was perfect for the powerful anthem and it took place at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn was the real star of the evening, with mentions about every three seconds.

Macklemore 2013 VMAs

It seems MTV has abandoned the use of a host, which has tightened up the format, cutting an hour off the show’s normal length. Lousy comedian Kevin Hart was on standby to fill gaps and I do wish they’d bring in a stronger comedian for that purpose. May I suggest bringing back Arsenio Hall?

4 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    My thoughts:
    JC’s “oh baby baby” at the end of the N’ Sync bit was hands down highlight of the night.

    Hip-Hop is dying and needs more Macklemore’s to save it, Kanye and Drake are the best MTV could do? Really. I mean Really. Is Kanye even musically relevant anymore? Its all autotune and yelling.

    Kevin Hart isn’t that bad. (Don’t date yourself too much asking for Arsenio, Who’s next Billy Crystal and Whoopi).

    I agree with Senor, Could they should Taylor Swift more? Good lord. The only person that came close was Will Smith, which was probably just because MTV was amazed an actual movie star showed up (definitely because his kids wanted to go).

    Did you see Ivan from So you think you can Dance during JT’s performance?

  2. Unrelated note…did you see the Arsenio Hall Show is coming back on TV in early Sept? Roo, roo, roo….dog pound!

  3. Senor Betty says:

    The spawn of Billy Ray was the worst part of the night, for sure. She is gross. Also, not sure why the cameras had to show Taylor Swift sitting in the audience every 30 seconds.

    Great post!

  4. Corrin says:

    What. A. Cluster. So many things to say but my strongest takeaway was the disgusting fat discrimination I saw on Twitter against Mary Lambert during the Macklemore performance. Apparently everyone deserves love…except those with a weight problem.

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