Sunday, May 21st

13 Reasons Why I Love Netflix

This post is part of my ongoing relationship with Netflix as a Stream Team partner.

It’s been quite a spring for us. Violet is almost 21 months so she’s quite the big girl these days. I thought she’d be a little older by the time she started climbing out of her crib, picking out her own shoes, and expressing an interest in jewelry and makeup, but here we are already. She’s still not a champion eater, but she’s expanding her tastes one thing at a time. Her favorites are cheddar, scrambled eggs, pizza, and mandarin oranges. She’s sampling more and more at school, too.

Kids Only

Chris’ parents came to visit Easter week and we had fun cooking a big dinner together, doing an egg hunt and cascarones for Violet, and just enjoying each other’s company all week. After all the fun I got sick enough that I saw the doctor twice with the worst sore throat of my life. I also completely lost my voice, the timing of which unfortunately fell during a talk I participated in on Design for UX. I whispered my way through it, but it wasn’t ideal.

Professionally speaking, things are going well. I’ve been contracting with an emerging tech company since October and as of this month they’ve given me a permanent position as Director of Content. It’s an exciting role and I get to work on challenging projects that I love. Chris is also a director at his job and really enjoys what he does. It’s nice to be a place where we’re both happy at work.

Happy Easter!


That little butt is the best, right?

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I finally caught up on the second season of Kimmy Schmidt, just in time for the third to come out. (Today!) Where I found the first season to be intolerable at times, I thought the second season was completely enjoyable. More Tina Fey is always a good thing!


I never bought into the Girlboss book phenomenon, but I was happy to give the show a shot. I’m not typically a binge watcher, but I flew through this love letter to San Francisco pretty quickly. Aside from the protagonist being annoying as hell, I really enjoyed it. Great soundtrack, costuming, and writing. No confirmation yet on a season two.

Dear White People

Dear White People

My favorite viewing last month was Dear White People. The controversial series resulted in a backlash so strong that people who felt it was racist against white people made lots of noise on social media and canceled their Netflix accounts. Before the show even aired. Idiots. Well, the show is fantastic and an important commentary on our current state.

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why

The nicest thing I can say about 13 Reasons Why is that the teen suicide drama featured a bright cast of young actors who each held their own. The subject matter was tough to digest and I did not enjoy any of it. Because I lost a friend last year, I can barely tolerate any talk of suicide. And I was really annoyed that the kids in the series didn’t seem sad, so much as guilty.

On that note, RIP Chris Cornell, whom I loved for some many years.

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