Saturday, October 21st

Augmented Reality for the Masses

The buzz about augmented reality continues to grow and isn’t showing any sign of stopping. In fact, as tech giants introduce the fusion of digital and the real work to mass markets, users embrace the unfamiliar with open arms. In the case of augmented reality (AR), it seems to be coming easier than virtual reality. There are a couple reasons for this. The layered nature of AR—digital enhancements that augment a real backdrop—might feel more comfortable to new users. And it’s available on tools we already own: smartphones and tablets. Simply taking a headset out of the equation removes a barrier to usage that VR still struggles with today.

Pokémon Go is the most ubiquitous adoption of AR so far, breaking usage and revenue records within a week of launching. The game sent players out into the real world to catch Pokémon characters and gather spoils in a scavenger hunt-like mission. Images were digitally overlaid into parks, neighborhoods, famous landmarks, and even the ocean, to encourage players to immerse themselves not only into the game, but into the real world. The blend of screen time and outdoors was a smashing success; it brought people outside again! For some, it gave renewed hope to a future that might potentially enable technology to isolate people.

Pokemon Go

With that hope firmly in place, Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore are about to cement augmented reality more securely into the zeitgeist. The mass market launch brings free development tools into the hands of more than 100 million users. Anyone with an iPhone 6 and up, Google Pixel, Samsung S8, or Android N on up will be supported at the end of the year. Users will be able to explore and create marker-free immersive experiences, meaning that using QR codes to shore up images will become a thing of the past. This new marker-free era of augmented reality tracks the environment around you using the camera and accelerometer and gyroscope to provide an accurate sense of space and even objects.

Plane detection gauges the geometry of the ground beneath you, as well as tables, chairs, and any flat surfaces. This promotes incredible realism because it enables accurate shadow casting; the user is treated to a previously-unseen sense of depth, elevating the experience and comfort level. But geometry isn’t the only high school throwback that makes plane detection and visualization cool. You’ve got physics, too. Dropping cubes on a table, knocking objects off the edge, bouncing balls. These have limitless potential for realism and physical interaction.

Another important feature is light estimation. It evaluates the amount of real-world light in the environment, which creators can use to render the virtual content more realistically. Shifts in the light are reflected in virtual objects, so a figure in the sunset will darken appropriately. Subtle visual improvements like these stack up to an immensely upgraded experience.

The last major feature worth mentioning in both ARKit and ARCore is hit-testing, which estimates how far something is, and returns accurate distance measurements. This helps with depth perception and placement of objects within planes.

So what are the limitations of ARKit and ARCore? For one thing, neither platform can track arbitrary objects or hand gestures. All interaction must be screen-based, although other platforms like Microsoft HoloLens does support hand gestures.

Also, virtual content cannot be hidden behind real world objects. So if you created a figure and someone stepped in front of it, the figure would reappear in front. This ruins the illusion of realness and pulls the user out of the experience. However, this does not hold true with planes. If your virtual object falls of a plane, it will remain hidden since the plane is a detected entity.

So how will augmented reality will change the way we live?

Augmented Reality E-commerce. AR is an affordable way to try things on for size, things that previously might not have been accessible. Like checking to see if a new car will fit in a garage. Or seeing how new furniture looks in a room. IKEA—long an embracer of emerging tech—has partnered with Apple and used the new technology to beta test IKEA Place, a VR app that superimposes furniture into a room and then connects users directly to the online store. This has the potential to revolutionize how we shop for furniture by taking the guesswork out of the process. You still have to build the furniture yourself though. Houzz also has an AR mode to their app, an upgrade to the 2D “View My Room” feature they currently have.

3D Sculpting and Painting. Creating virtual art is infinitely more satisfying as an immersive experience. Textures and colors come to life with 3D perspective and the ability to access objects on all sides.

More Engaged Learning. Immersive learning is proving to be an effective method for understand and retention. Museums are starting to incorporate deeper dives into content through educational AR experiences. Those who access the additional information gain more than those who do not, which is a compelling reason for educators to utilize the mobile functionality when they can.

Augmented Reality for Immersive Learning

Entertainment. The most obvious application of augmented reality is to enjoy for the sheer pleasure of it. Gaming, virtual pets, and the ability to create characters with limitless possibilities means mean that there is so much fun on the horizon. Already, early experiments with ARKit and ARCore are as creative and diverse as the users.

Guidance. Developers are already working on creating directional instruction that users can call on to help find people or things. One day you’ll be able to locate your friends in a crowd and access step-by-step instructions on how to get there. That same support might also be able to help you find a specific grocery in a store.

I wrote this article for Mutual Mobile, where it first ran on their blog here.

Wednesday, June 21st

ATX Television Festival Season 6

It was my sixth year attending the Austin Television Festival—my favorite of Austin’s many festivals—which means I’ve attended every single year. Like the city itself, it evolves from year to year, notably feeling more crowded. It’s not guaranteed to get into every session one wants, which is something new for this spoiled brat, but that’s because founders Caitlin McFarland and Emily Gipson have preserved the intimacy and close-knit spirit of the event.

I’m sure it could have grown in size ten times over; Austin certainly has the venues and there is no shortage of passionate TV fans. But instead, panels and screenings still take place in places like the tiny Alamo Drafthouse Ritz. So while not everyone gets in, those who do feel like they are part of something truly special.

I was lucky enough to be in cozy sessions with many shows I loved over the years like Archer, Superstore, and Party of Five. Even those sessions that happen in “larger” venues like the Paramount still feel intimate. So if the price of getting these unique experiences is that I don’t get into every single thing I want to, so be it. This year I missed out on This is Us, which might have been the most sought-after session. But I’m feeling the Alaskan glow that you can only get from watching Rob Morrow and Janine Turner talk about Northern Exposure, one of my all-time favorite shows. When Chris and I made the cross-country drive to Austin I only packed a few things in my car, letting the rest arrive in a truck days later. Among my carful of necessities was our TV, DVD player, and Northern Exposure DVDs. We spent our first week here rewatching the series as we unpacked and set up our new life. Over the years, I’ve watched it many times and each time it brings something new to me.

Northern Exposure at ATX TV Festival

So I was over the moon to see my beloved show in the lineup. And it did not disappoint. Listening to the actors and writers talk about the unexpected success of a summer show that was never supposed to make it, it was clear that the magic they created was something that happened with just the right people at just the right time.

We watched the Aurora Borealis episode where Chris builds a sculpture and we are introduced to his half-brother, as well as Adam. Like every episode, it was funny, poignant, mystical, weird, and memorable. It was also the episode where we first met Adam, brilliantly played by Adam Arkin, who was sitting in the theater with us and easily coerced to join the panel. They revealed that they’d love to do some type of reunion special (maybe a whole season?!) and are hoping the show will be available for streaming eventually. Send me a petition. I’ll sign it!

Northern Exposure

Another highlight was the GIRLS panel, with HBO executives, director, casting, and Ebin Moss-Bachrach (Desi) and Jon Glaser (Laird) all of whom shared fond memories from filming one of my favorite shows. Honestly, if they did a GIRLS panel every single year I would go to every one till the end of time. I know it’s a polarizing show, but love or hate Lena Dunham, her storytelling talents are undeniable.

Ebon Moss-Bachrach










The third dream-come-true session was The Comeback. It looked like the brilliant mock reality show was only going to get one season, yet nearly a decade later they came back and wrapped up the story. I’m a huge dork and actually cried when it came back and again at the thoughtful way they ended it. Lisa Kudrow is a brilliant actress and was so lovely and down-to-earth in person. I’m not sure if she even had any makeup on. She reminisced with Michael Patrick King (who I hope returns for a Sex and the City panel one day), Laura Silverman and the ubiquitous Dan Bucatinsky. Sadly, Robert Michael Morris, who played her lovable and devoted hairdresser Mickey passed away just prior to the festival. It made the gathering even more poignant as they devoted much of the panel to sharing the news.

The Comeback

Another fantastic season in the books. I can’t wait till next year.

If you could pick some of the featured shows for the next festival, what would you choose?

Sunday, May 21st

13 Reasons Why I Love Netflix

This post is part of my ongoing relationship with Netflix as a Stream Team partner.

It’s been quite a spring for us. Violet is almost 21 months so she’s quite the big girl these days. I thought she’d be a little older by the time she started climbing out of her crib, picking out her own shoes, and expressing an interest in jewelry and makeup, but here we are already. She’s still not a champion eater, but she’s expanding her tastes one thing at a time. Her favorites are cheddar, scrambled eggs, pizza, and mandarin oranges. She’s sampling more and more at school, too.

Kids Only

Chris’ parents came to visit Easter week and we had fun cooking a big dinner together, doing an egg hunt and cascarones for Violet, and just enjoying each other’s company all week. After all the fun I got sick enough that I saw the doctor twice with the worst sore throat of my life. I also completely lost my voice, the timing of which unfortunately fell during a talk I participated in on Design for UX. I whispered my way through it, but it wasn’t ideal.

Professionally speaking, things are going well. I’ve been contracting with an emerging tech company since October and as of this month they’ve given me a permanent position as Director of Content. It’s an exciting role and I get to work on challenging projects that I love. Chris is also a director at his job and really enjoys what he does. It’s nice to be a place where we’re both happy at work.

Happy Easter!


That little butt is the best, right?

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I finally caught up on the second season of Kimmy Schmidt, just in time for the third to come out. (Today!) Where I found the first season to be intolerable at times, I thought the second season was completely enjoyable. More Tina Fey is always a good thing!


I never bought into the Girlboss book phenomenon, but I was happy to give the show a shot. I’m not typically a binge watcher, but I flew through this love letter to San Francisco pretty quickly. Aside from the protagonist being annoying as hell, I really enjoyed it. Great soundtrack, costuming, and writing. No confirmation yet on a season two.

Dear White People

Dear White People

My favorite viewing last month was Dear White People. The controversial series resulted in a backlash so strong that people who felt it was racist against white people made lots of noise on social media and canceled their Netflix accounts. Before the show even aired. Idiots. Well, the show is fantastic and an important commentary on our current state.

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why

The nicest thing I can say about 13 Reasons Why is that the teen suicide drama featured a bright cast of young actors who each held their own. The subject matter was tough to digest and I did not enjoy any of it. Because I lost a friend last year, I can barely tolerate any talk of suicide. And I was really annoyed that the kids in the series didn’t seem sad, so much as guilty.

On that note, RIP Chris Cornell, whom I loved for some many years.

Monday, April 24th

Get Away to San Antonio

Thank you to The St. Anthony Hotel, who treated my family to a luxury weekend! And thanks to my readers for supporting sponsors of this blog.

Despite San Antonio’s proximity to Austin, I’ve only been a handful of times. I love going there because there’s so much to be discovered. Not to say that I’ve seen and done simply everything in Austin, but there are few unknowns left for me. In San Antonio, I’ve done the Riverwalk and spent some time roaming around Pearl, but little else.

When the opportunity to spend a posh weekend at The St. Anthony Hotel arose, I jumped on it. As sponsors of the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, they wanted to show off their fabulous amenities, restaurants, and show some out-of-towners more of what the city has to offer during this fun season.

The St. Anthony Hotel, San Antonio

A top-to-bottom tour of the newly renovated historic building yielded all kinds of interesting tidbits. It’s haunted by a number of ghosts who all have cocktails named after them at the chic bar Haunt. The Lady in Red was my favorite sipper, although I didn’t catch a glimpse of the famed specter herself. She’s known for her scarlet attire and penchant for appearing in the ladies’ restroom.

The hotel itself is stunning. Gorgeous, spacious rooms perfectly appointed with sophisticated art and furniture. At every level, the service was exceptional. After venturing out we’d return to our room to find delicious snacks waiting for us like chips and salsa served in a cowboy hat. Or cookies and milk to cap off the evening. We treated ourselves to room service late one night, nibbling on ceviche in the king size bed. I relish those extravagant moments and we only scratched the surface of what was available.

I’m always in awe of interior design in historic buildings. The inclusion of modern comforts while maintaining a classic aesthetic is so interesting. The most recognizable space in the St. Anthony is Peacock Alley with its grand piano and opulent chandeliers, and indeed, it is exquisite. Decadent lighting is a theme throughout.

St. Anthony Hotel Lights

When we travel with Violet she’s usually so tickled to be sleeping in the same room as us that she wakes up to play several times a night. On this weekend the room was so cool and dark that she didn’t make a peep at night. Maybe the excitement of each day zonked her out as much as it did us. Speaking of cool, The St. Anthony was the first hotel in the world to be entirely air conditioned. No place like San Antonio to start that tradition, let me tell you. It gets hot, you guys.

Schilo's Delicatessen, San Antonio, Texas

We popped into Schilo’s Delicatessen to cool off and enjoy lunch one day. As we’re mostly deli deprived in Austin, we couldn’t pass it up. The homemade root beer was the highlight of the meal, but the food that truly deserves mentioning happened at Rebelle. I believe our group sampled the entire menu and many of the cocktails. As the night wore on and conversation grew lively, we tried dish after dish after dish. I want to make a return visit and get more of the grilled octopus and famous spinach pudding. Everything was divine.

Rebelle, San Antonio, Texas

The St. Anthony generously sent us to the rodeo with some of their sponsor tickets, which allowed us to see the show with the all the fancy stakeholders. The rodeo was a family first and I will admit that we did not have the proper attire! (No boots, no fringe, no nothing.) But I learned that anything goes at the rodeo and it was so much fun. We split into small groups and rodeo volunteers took us around to see the sights. Our guide was a darling woman named Tater Tot, who was as cute as she sounds. I wanted to take her home with me.

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo

We sampled fried cheese curds and cookie dough, pet horses and baby goats, and watched the riders warm up in Horse Discovery. Later we head into the stadium  (sans cameras, as directed) and ate dinner while we watched the rodeo. I was surprised that it was like other sporting events I’ve been to and not all countrified like I thought it would be. My favorite event was the little kids clinging for dear life to the backs of sheep, or Mutton Bustin’. Giving Violet’s hesitation at the petting zoo, we’d have some work to do before she’d ever go near a sheep.

It was a weekend full of firsts and we made so many memories. We cannot wait to return to San Antonio for our next Austin escape weekend. And we’ll stay at The St. Anthony Hotel again. Thanks for a great time!

Wednesday, March 29th

March Badness

This post is part of my ongoing relationship with Netflix as a Stream Team partner.


Hey, guys. It’s the last week of March and then 2017 is 25% complete. Yes, life is flashing before our eyes. What are you doing even reading this? Live, damnit, LIVE! Go!

We’ve been so busy that I don’t know how I keep up with everything. You know those crazy weeks that are packed with random appointments, meetings, and events, that seem to happen on top of each other and then something breaks and you have to navigate all of it on top of your already busy job/home/family. That’s every single week for us.

Chris went to Tampa for a few days for work and Violet and I had some quality alone time. We played, snuggled, had a pizza date, and went to bed early. She loves her crib and happily burrows under her covers at night, grateful for the sleep after a long day. Same as me.

I had a SXSW Interactive badge and dabbled in the learning, networking, and random cool shit, burning out before Music this year. I had a fender bender with some construction debris lying in the middle of the road in the dark, stranding me without my car for about a week. And our refrigerator exhaled its final breath that week, too, leaving us desperately trying to salvage what we could in coolers for a couple days. But Violet and Chris bought a new fridge and celebrated with Pinkberry. All’s well that ends well.

Fridge shopping


I’ve been working nonstop for what feels like months. In addition to working a full time contract job, I have almost as many hours of much freelance work to do. Essentially I am working two full time jobs with none of the perks or vacation time. Working for yourself is a tough gig because you never know when you might run out of work. I’ve certainly known lean times, so I almost always say yes to new projects, even if my docket is full. I work all day and come home and work more. I love what I do but just wish I had more hours in the day.

Anyway, I still manage to find time to decompress with some Netflix. I was so happy that Love returned for a second season! I met Paul Rust around this time last year and told him how much I love the show. The second season differed from the first in that it felt like a series of relationship moments and the season didn’t push forward toward a big conclusion. For 12 episodes it meandered and where we ended felt less important that how Gus and Mickey were evolving together. Both characters came more into who they are and Gus especially became more multifaceted. But I think my favorite character might be Berdie. More Berdie in Season 3!

Love, Season 2 on Netflix

Berdie on Love

I had some friends feel differently, but I really enjoyed Santa Clarita Diet. It has a campy and theatrical quality reminiscent of Desperate Housewives and some recognizable desperate faces, too. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant are great together and I especially love him doing comedy. Creator Victor Fresco did another show I really liked, Better Off Ted. 


It’s been years since I’ve seen Superbad, so revisiting it last month was fun. I’d forgotten so much of it, so it was like new to me. I’m a fan of the one-crazy-night genre and this one totally holds up.


The low point of my streaming month had to be Amy Schumer: The Leather Special. I like Amy Schumer, but this was sloppy and lazy, relying on raunch with very little cleverness. She’s too smart for that. And so am I.

Amy Schumer: The Leather Special

Next month Netflix will transition from the 5-star rating system to thumbs-up/thumbs-down. Not sure what I think about that, but I trust they know what they’re doing.

What have you been watching? What should I add to my list?

Wednesday, March 1st

Austin’s Best Indian Eats

It’s time for my annual update on all the Indian restaurants in Austin, as part of the Austin Food Blogger Alliance City Guide. This is a tough task because each year many places close and many open. I promise that as of writing, this list is accurate and complete. And alphabetized, so you can find what you want with ease. Take a look at years past to see how much has changed. (20162015, 2014, 2013) Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorites are and what you like to order. 

2017 Best Places to Eat Austin AFBA City Guide


801 E. William Cannon Dr, Ste 205, Austin, TX 78745

T-Th 11-2, 5-9:30, F 11-2, 5-10, Sat 12-3, 5-10, Sun 12-3, 5-9:30

Don’t let the rundown strip mall or sparse decor fool you, Asiana makes some great food. Delicious dosas, fluffy naan, and some of the spiciest vindaloo in the city. Ask for it spicy and you shall receive. It’s the first of the list and it happens to be my favorite.


Bawarchi Biryanis

7318 McNeil Drive, Ste #102, Austin, TX 78729

They claim to be the #1 Indian chain in the USA and also have the best biryani. I haven’t visited this new spot myself yet, so please confirm your experience in the comments.

Biryani & Co

11150 Research Blvd #210, Austin, TX 78759

Authentic, tasty biryanis and curries. The naan is more well-received than the roti, for what it’s worth.


13945 N US 183, Ste C-5, Austin, TX 78717

3601 W. William Cannon Dr. #450, Austin, TX 78749

I sampled a biryani and vindaloo at the south location and both were really delicious. The vindaloo was almost too spicy to eat—which doesn’t bother me, but might bother some—so order accordingly. I should note that dropping in for brunch on Sunday meant that there was very strong incense burning.

Biryani-N-Grill, Austin TX

Biryani Pot

12407 N. Mopac Expy, Ste 200B, Austin, TX 78758

T-Th 11-2:30, 5:30-10 F 11-2:30, 5:30-10:30, S 11:30-3, 5:30-10:30, Sun 11:30-3, 5:30-10

This chain has high quality food, friendly service, and is a very popular lunch destination. Formerly Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine.

Bombay Bistro

10710 Research Blvd. #126, Austin, TX 78759

4200 South Lamar #300, Austin, TX 78704

M-Th 11-2, 5:30-10, F 11-2, 5:30-10:30, S 11:30-3, 5:30-10:30, Sun 11:30-3, 5:30-10

The elegant, romantic decor of the south location makes for a great date spot.

Bombay Dhaba

1207 S. First St, Austin, TX 78704

M-Sat 11-2, 5-10

This South Austin food truck puts out consistent food at a great value, making it a popular local stop for diners and lunch and dinner. Like all trucks that have good food, they’ll occasionally run out of things so head there early if you’ve got your heart set on a particular item.

Bombay Express

13000 North I35, Bldg 12, Unit 216, Austin, TX 78753

Tues-Sun 11-9


Bombay Grill Indian Restaurant

3201 Bee Caves Rd. #148, Austin, TX 78746

Sun-Th 11-2:30, 5:30-9:30, F-Sat 11-2:30, 5:30-10

Cheery service and wide range of options on the buffet.

Indian Spices

Bombay to Kathmandu Kitchen

9616 N. Lamar Blvd, Ste 168, Austin, TX 78753

Th-Tues 11am-11pm, W 5 pm-11pm

Northern Indian street food and Nepali cuisine. People love the momos (dumplings.)

Chennai Cafe

3203 S IH-35, Ste 560, Round Rock, TX 78664

Tues-Thurs 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm, F 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm, Sat noon-3pm, 6pm-10:30pm, Sun noon-3pm, 6pm, 9:30pm

The Dallas franchise plays South Indian classical music and expertly prepares the region’s dishes so well that it quickly became one of Round Rock’s most popular Indian restaurants.

Chicken Lollypop

1005 E. Braker Lane, Austin, TX 78753

11-9 daily

The Mumbai-style Indian Chinese menu satisfies vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Chutney Bites

403 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78701

The East 7th food truck serves up kati rolls, a popular street food of various fillings wrapped in flatbread.

Clay Pit

1601 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78701

M-Th 11-2:30, 5-11, F 11-2:30, 5-11, Sat 12-3, 5-11, Sun 12-3, 5-10

downtown favorite, Clay Pit offers a modern setting and delicious Bombay-inspired cocktails. The curried mussels alone are worth the trip.

Coriander Indian Cuisine

4894 Hwy 290 W, Sunset Valley, TX 78735

Sun-Th 11am-2pm, 5:30pm-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 11am-2pm, 5:30pm-10pm

In the former location of Royal India, Coriander is a Dallas outpost. I love that there are lots of interesting dosas on the menu. Lunch buffet fans should hit this one as it’s a cut above the rest.

Coriander Indian Restaurant, Austin Texas

Curry in a Hurry

2121 W. Parmer Lane #114, Austin, TX 78727

Daily 10-9

This vegetarian spot features a daily curry. Bonus: free wi-fi!

Daawat Indian Cuisine

500 Canyon Ridge Drive, Austin, TX, 78753

M-F 11-2, 5-10, Sat-Sun 11:30-3, 5-10

Formerly Indian Spicy Kitchen, the extensive menu and online ordering system makes takeout a breeze.

G’Raj Mahal

73 Rainey Street, Austin, TX 78701

Once a popular food truck this lovely Rainey Street restaurant has lots of outdoor dining in the front and chic backyard, as well as indoors. It’s a great date night spot or a place to fill up on carbs before or after hitting the bars.

Gandhi Bazar

3421 W. William Cannon Dr, #133, Austin, TX 78745

12809 N FM 620, #3, Austin, TX 78750

2121 W. Parmer Lane, #113, Austin, TX 78727

8650 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78759

Daily 10-9

Prefer to cook your own Indian food? Stock up on spices and other essentials at one of Gandhi Bazar’s locations.


1779 Wells Branch Pkwy, Austin, TX

South Indian chain with weekend buffet and lots of vegetarian options.

Hot Breads Bakery and Cafe

7318 McNeil Drive, Ste 102, Austin, TX 78729

Daily 10-10

So much more than a bakery, choices run from traditional Indian dishes to savory spiced puffed pastries. A unique concept in Austin.

Hyderabad House

11150 Research Blvd, Ste 210A, Austin, TX 78759

Sun-Th 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11a,-10:30pm

Authentic South Indian done well, there’s a large menu to choose from with meat and veggie dishes. The biryani is a favorite among guests.

Inchin’s Bamboo Garden

3107 S I35, Ste 760, Round Rock, TX 78664

M-Th 11:30-2, 5-10, F 11:30-2, 5-10:30, Sat 12-3:30, 5:30-10:30, Sun 12-3:30, 5:30-10

This Indo-Chinese chain features street food inspired dishes and a buffet.

Indian Masala Grill

603 W Live Oak, Austin, TX 78704

The truck serves up food so good that it can compete with any brick and mortar in town.


3220 Amy Donovan Plz, Austin ,TX 78701

M, W-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun noon-6pm

Indian Mediterranean fusion truck at The Domain. Most popular dish is the Chicken Tikka Masala Wrap.

KP Indian Grocery

1212 W. Parmer Lane, Unit F, Austin, TX 78727

Daily 10:30-9:30

Small Indian grocery store stocked with the essentials.

Kumar’s Austin

15803 Windermere Dr #206, Pflugerville, TX 78660

They recommend reserving a table as they hit capacity every weekend. And they are open till midnight Friday and Saturdays with a limited menu after 10.

Lamba’s Royal Indian

414 Waller Street, Austin, TX 78702

Spicing up farmer’s markets, Lamba’s sells a wide range of frozen Indian dishes. They can be found at HOPE and other farmer’s markets in and around Austin.


Madras Pavillion

9025 Research Blvd, Ste 100, Austin, TX 78758

M-F 11-3, 5:30-9:30, S-S 11-10

The vegetarian favorite has cuisine from both North and South India.

Man Pasand Grocery

3601 W. William Cannon #750, Austin, TX 78749

13945 N. Hwy 183, Austin, TX 78717

Daily 10-9

A great place to stock up on spices, snacks, frozen meals, grains and more. The freshly made hot samosas for $1.00 are irrestible.

Masala Dhaba

75 Rainey Street, Austin, TX 78701

T-Th 5 pm-12 am, F-Sat 5 pm-3 am, Sun 5 pm-10:30 pm

This food truck is a Rainey Street staple and reviews are extremely positive. Perfect for late night eats while bar-hopping.

Masala Grill

3595 Ranch Rd 620 S, Austin TX 78738

The food here is only eclipsed by the great service, making this Lakeway gem worth a visit.

Masala Medely

1211 E. 6th St, Austin TX 78702

The new food truck provides a welcome new lunch addition to downtown with classic dishes at reasonable prices.

Masala Wok

1100 Center Ridge Dr, Ste 300, Austin, TX 78753

10515 N. Mopac, Ste. A-155, Austin, TX 78759

1500 E. Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park, TX 78613

Daily 11-10

This chain has classic Indian and Chinese options.



2512 Rio Grande St, Austin, TX 78705

M, W, Sun 5pm-10pm, Th-Sat 5pm-3am 

Live the name suggests, the friendly, affordable truck serves Mediterranean and Indian staples.

Mirchi Austin

1212 W. Parmer Lane, Unit A, Austin, TX 78753

Sun-Th 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat 11am-mid

Per the website, the menu draws upon the rich tapestry of Indian and Pakistani food culture and tradition.

MTM Indian Foods

9225 W. Parmer Lane, Austin, TX 78717

Sun-Th 11-8:30, F-Sat 11-9

Grocery store with a range of Northern and Southern Indian items.

Naanful Indian Grill

11101 Burnet Rd, Ste A130, Austin, TX 78758

Sun-Th 11-3, 5-9:30, F-Sat 11-3, 5-10

2000 S. I35, Round Rock, TX 78681

Sun-Th 11-9, F-Sat 11-10

Quick, build-to-order dishes. Will deliver, but order early, as their site estimates 60-75 delivery time.


Nasha, Austin, Texas

Mussels Malvani at Nasha, Austin Texas

1614 E. 7th St, Austin, TX 78702

Sun-Th 11 am-12 am, F-Sat 11 am-2 am

The sister restaurant of New India Cuisine has a full bar, moderate prices, and favorites such as Millionaires Curry and lots of seafood dishes. Their tagline Get High on Indian Food is perfect for its East Austin home.

New India Cuisine

2304 S. Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

M-F 11-10, S-S 12-10

The South Austin Marathi-style restaurant offers lots of fish and yeast-free naan. While not my personal favorite, many love this place.

New India


310 Colorado St. Austin, TX 78701

As of writing, Papadom has only been open a few weeks, but early reviews of the downtown romantic restaurant are highly favorable.


3616 Far West Blvd, Ste 113, Austin, TX 78731

Sun-Th 11am-2-pm, 5pm-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm

BYOB and has an extensive Nepali menu and a buffet at lunch. There’s also a Curry in a Hurry option, with three curries for ten bucks.

SIZZLE Indian Kitchen

2200 I-35 Frontage Rd, Ste C1, Round Rock, TX 78681

Tues-Sun 11am-3pm, 5pm-10pm

One of the many restaurants implementing online order systems, SIZZLE is popular for takeout.

Star of India

2900 W. Anderson Lane, Ste 12D, Austin, TX 78757

Sun-Th 11-2:30, 5:30-9:30, F-Sat 11-2:30, 5:30-10

Standard buffet of classic dishes in a comfortable setting.



9225 W. Parmer Lane, Ste 108, Austin, TX 78717

M-Th 11-3, 5-10, F 11-3, 5-10:30, Sat 11-3:30, 5-10:30, Sun 11-3:30, 5-10

All vegetarian, specializing in thali options.

Suvai Indian Kitchen

12920 W. Parmer Lane #105, Cedar Park, TX 78613

M-Th 11-2:30, 5-9, F 11-2:30, 5-9:30, Sat 12-3, 5-9:30, Sun 12-3, 5-9

Formerly Kadai Indian Kitchen, Cedar Park residents are delighted by large portions, fresh spicy dishes, and fast service. A must do if you are in the area.


9515 N. Lamar Blvd #156, Austin, TX 78753

Daily 11:30-9

Vegetarian favorites and fun street food. The big-as-your-head dosas are a must try. You won’t even mind the lack of atmosphere. Prices are low and service is fast and efficient, if not personable. Not a place for a date, but still one of my favorite places in Austin.

Mysore Masala Dosa

Sweekar Indian Restaurant

2601 S. I35, Round Rock, TX 78664

Size matters with the buffet and Sweekar’s is the largest around, for both lunch and dinner. This place is a win with atmosphere, selection, and quality of food.

Taj Palace Indian Restaurant & Bar

6700 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, TX 78752

M-Th 11-2, 5:30-10 F 11-2, 5:30-10:30 S 11:30-2:30, 5:30-10:30, Sun 11:30-2:30, 5:30-10

For more than 20 years the extensive buffet has been delighting loyal customers. This was one of Austin’s first Indian restaurants.

Tarka Indian Kitchen

201 University Blvd, Round Rock, TX 78665

2525 W. Anderson Lane, Austin, TX 78757

5207 Brodie Ln, Austin, TX 78745

11501 Rock Rose Ave, Austin, TX 78746

Sun-Th 11-9, F-Sat 11-10

The little sister of Clay Pit offers many of the same classic curries and fantastic pakoras. The fast, casual counter service has proven to be so popular that they keep expanding, with three locations in the area and one in San Antonio.

Mirch Masala


Taste From India

519 E. 7th Street, Austin, TX 78758

Th-Sat 7 pm-4 am

Indian kabobs for the late-night bar crowd.

Teji’s Indian Restaurant

2100B Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705

Sun-W 11 am-10 pm, Th-Sat 11 am-3 am

1205 Round Rock Ave #115, Round Rock, TX 78681

Sun-Th 10:30-9, F-Sat 10:30-10

1335 E. Whitestone Blvd, Ste T130, Austin, TX 78613

Daily 11am-10pm

Part grocery, part restaurant, the widely-respected Teji’s has the fluffiest naan.

Tempura Grill Austin

9310 N. Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753

Sun-Th 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm

Halal Pakistani and Indian in the Northgate Shopping Center.

Whip In

1950 I35 South, Austin, TX 78704

Daily 10 am-midnight

A funky South Austin staple, Whip In is a convenience store with indoor and outdoor live music, a massive selection of craft on draft, and a large menu of fusion Indian eats. Namaste, y’all.

Zarab’s Kabobs

2001 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705

Daily 11am-11pm

Modern interpretation of classic Indian dishes. This hole in the wall gets mixed reviews.

Tuesday, February 28th

I’m in a Trump Slump

This post is part of my ongoing relationship with Netflix as a Stream Team partner.

Oh, hi. Thanks for coming back here to talk about media stuffs even though I’ve been an absentee blogger lately. Like many, I’ve felt battered by the constant waves of horrific news and had a hard time getting motivated to work on creative pursuits outside of my job. I’m not saying things are better now, but I’m slowly getting my mojo back. Maybe I’m just getting used to how terrible things are.

Seriously though, it’s almost March. Can we get this impeachment process started already?

Luckily, we still have Netflix to keep our minds entertained. I can’t wait for the new seasons of my current favorites, Love and Master of None. In the meantime, I’ve watched a mix of good and bad things. So let’s get gossipy and talk about the bad ones! In fact, I bailed on all of these.


Offspring TV Show

Offspring is an Australian dramedy that ran since 2010, was canceled, and is being resurrected this year. It was quite popular. The story is interesting enough, the characters showed depth and promise in the pilot. And yet…I can’t bring myself to watch more. Maybe I’ll change my mind later and revisit it. But for now I’m taking it off my list.

No Tomorrow

No Tomorrow TV show

I’m not sure what it is that turned me off about No Tomorrow. The premise is this: two good-looking people meet at the farmer’s market. He’s a crackpot free spirit who is trying to get through a bucket list of adventures before the apocalypse. She’s along for the ride because he’s hot and she’s bored. It’s a CW series and I’m just not into it.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin TV Show

I’ve written about Sensitive Skin before and complained about one particular character that ruined the first season for me. Even without this character, I couldn’t tolerate the second season. I love Kim Cattrall, but lordie, I hate this HBO Canada show. It’s stylish but that’s about it.

Magic Mike

Magic Mike

I know, I know. I shouldn’t have assumed Magic Mike was going to be a great film. And I didn’t! Obviously this movie caused a big sensation when it came out in 2012, yet I waited until a few days ago to watch it. I resisted easily because I do not like Channing Tatum. And I only watched it now because Louis CK did a bit about it when I saw him last month. I didn’t think it was going to be phenomenal or anything. But it might be the very worst movie I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t get through it in one sitting. Awful.

Do you watch Netflix series with a partner? Check out this funny video they made about sneaking episodes on the sly.

What have you watched lately? I want to know it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Monday, February 27th

Austin Ramen Scene

Psst! It’s my once-a-year ramen round up and my fifth year contributing to the Austin Food Blogger Alliance City Guide. Back when I started in 2013, I was but a young girl with visions of noodles dancing in my head. Ramen was so new in Austin that I had to create the category in the city guide and certain people thought I was crazy for embracing those cheap dorm room noodles. Now everyone’s a ramen expert. I’m happy that Austinites (and visitors) appreciate our unique scene and it’s grown so much. You can check out the evolution from my previews guides. (20162015, 2014, 2013.) For the first time ever, I’m not listing every single place in that serves ramen in the Austin area. There are just too many places now. So if I didn’t include your favorite, leave me a comment and I’ll it to the list. And while you’re hungry, check out the rest of the guides from my talented food blogger friends. 

2017 Best Places to Eat Austin AFBA City Guide

What’s not to love about ramen? It’s hearty, flavorful, bouncy. It’s not just trending in Austin, but all all over the US. But proudly, Austin’s become notable for its ramen. Enough so that visitors make sure to visit a ramen shop while in town, just like they do with barbecue and tacos. If you haven’t given ramen a try yet, pick a rainy (or sunny) day and hop in line at any of the places listed below. Soon enough you’ll be slurping with the best of them.

If you need more convincing, check out local filmmaker Christian Remde’s Culinary Equation fantastic video all about ramen.

Ramen Tatsu-ya

Ramen Tatsu-ya North 

8557 Research Blvd #126, Austin, TX 78758

Tues-Fri 11-2, 5-10, Sat-Sun 12-3, 5-10

Ramen Tatsu-ya South

1234 South Lamar, Austin, TX 78704

Mon-Sun 11-3, 5-10

Arguably the most famous ramen in Austin,  Ramen Tatsu-ya is a must. Great for first timers, the menu provides a quirky guide on what to order, how to eat, and definitions for all the unfamiliar terms and ingredients. They offer classic toppings and fun flavors bombs, so you can customize every bowl. The masses cheered when their second, larger location opened.


Check out their website for the full menu which includes highlights like katsu sliders and sweet and sour Brussel’s sprouts.

*Pro-tip: Get there before 5:00 or after 8:45 to avoid the long line. Or just show up whenever and stand in line chatting with fellow ramen-heads, letting the anticipation build. Also, don’t miss the art in the bathrooms of the north location.

Ramen Tatsu-Ya Restroom Art

Kemuri Tatsu-ya

2713 E. 2nd Street, Austin, TX 78702

Ramen Tatsu-ya’s sister restaurant is not strictly a ramen place, but you can get small bowls of Texas ramen (think brisket) alongside a large menu of scrumptious bites. Technically, Kemuri is an izakaya, which is a place for casual drinking, so there’s a fun cocktail menu, too. And all kinds of other fabulous eats.

Daruma Ramen

612B E. 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

M-F 11:30-2, 5:30-10, Sat 11:30-10, Sun 12-9

People happily line up on East 6th to wait for their steaming bowls of noodles. Most notable is the vegan ramen, whose complex broth is steeped with veggies and fruit. Very interesting, and different than what anyone else is doing.

Daruma Ramen vegan bowl


4917 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78751

M-Th 11-2, 5-10, F 11-2, 5-11, Sat 11-3, 5-11, Sun 12-3, 5:30-10

Known for their wide array of fresh and delicious sushi, Komé also makes a kickass ramen available at lunch. Their ramen efforts were so popular that they opened a sister restaurant, the aforementioned Daruma Ramen.

Kome tonkatsu ramen


Michi Ramen

6519 N. Lamar, Austin, TX 78752

Tues-Sun 11am-midnight

3005 S. Lamar, D-114B, Austin, TX 78704

Everyday, 11 am-midnight

The ramen groundbreakers of Austin, Michi Ramen was here before anyone else, slinging noodles out of a truck. The menu expanded when they moved to a brick and mortar. Last year they opened their second location on South Lamar, which strictly does take-out. They offer traditional broth thickness options and lots of toppings so you can build your own bowl.

Michi Ramen

*Pro-tip: Leave room for dessert! The mochi, 2 for $3 is shipped frozen from Hawaii and just heavenly.

JINYA Ramen Bar

3210 Esperanza Crossing #130, Austin, TX 78757

Open 7 days, 11 am-10pm

New at The Domain, JINYA’s Austin location is one of many across the US. Notable among the large selection of broth choices is the Cha Cha Cha, a garlicky fish and pork broth served with thick noodles. For a dollar or two a piece, diners can customize their bowls with additional toppings, making for endless choice combinations.


A post shared by Yuhan (@_yuhann_) on

Midori Sushi

13435 N Hwy 183, Ste 301, Austin, TX 78750

M-Th 11:30am-9:30pm, F 11:30am-10:30pm, Sat noon-10pm

Twelve bucks will get you a bowl of miso ramen, topped with roasted pork, bean sprouts, and onions. Available at dinner only.

Musashino Sushi Dokoro

3407 Greystone Drive, Austin, TX 78731

Tues-Fri 11am-2, 5:30-10

Should you stray from the sushi menu, there are a variety of ramen bowls available at lunch.

Kanji Ramen

12636 Research Blvd #C101, Austin, TX 78759

Their eponymous signature broth is a tonkotsu version with soy-based seasonings and traditional toppings. Ramen is half-priced on your birthday and they have happy Monday through Thursday 4-6, although it’s unclear what the offering is at that time.

It’s a good day in Austin for some ramen. @kanji_ramen gets 👍👍

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Drunk Fish

10000 Research Blvd #139, Austin, TX 78759

M-Th 11am-8pm, F 11am-9pm, Sat 12pm-9pm

Offering a variety of broths and toppings, this Arboretum hole in the wall is popular with lunchers in a hurry.

Origami Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar

1110 N. 35 Frontage Rd, Ste 200B, Round Rock, TX 78681

M-Th 11:30-2, 5-9, F 11:30-2, 5-10, Sat 11:30am-10pm

Miso and shoyu ramen offered at lunch.

Ramen Fukuya

1914 Guadalupe St, Ste A, Austin, TX 78705

M-Th 11 am-10pm, F 11 am-mid, Sat noon-mid, Sun noon-10am

Daily ramen offerings include fukuya (chicken bone broth), tonkotsu, and veggie. Seafood ramen and tsukemen are weekend additions.


2700 Anderson Lane, Austin, TX 78757

11am-9:30pm daily

Most people visit Shabu to get hotpot and plain ramen noodles are one of the many options to enjoy with hotpot along with meats, veggies, and various toppings. Non-hotpot ramen options include BBQ Pork Ramen, Ramen Shrimp and Shitake, and Street Ramen which has Spam, beef, and lots of veggies.


11066 Pecan Park Blvd, Ste 402, Cedar Park, TX 78613

M-Th 11-3, 5-10, F 11-3, 5-11, Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 11-9

The reputable sushi spot has an acceptable ramen offering, too, pleasing customers with a decadent seafood ramen as well as traditional tonkatsu and shoyu.

Sushi Junai

1612 Lavaca St, Austin, TX 78701

Mon-Sat 11am-10pm

Known for all-you-can-eat sushi, they also offer a spicy ramen for $6.95.

Cho Sushi Fusion

4300 N. Quinlan Park Rd, Ste 105, Austin, TX 78732

M-F 11am-2:30pm, 4:30pm-10pm, Sat noon-10pm

2422 620 S, Ste A100, Austin, TX 78738

M-Th 11am-2:30pm, 4:30pm-10pm, F 11am-2:30pm, 4:30pm-11pm, Sat noon-11pm, Sun 4pm-9pm

Simply labeled “Japanese Ramen” the lone offering at Cho features pork, vegetables, and egg in miso broth. $9 at lunch and $12 at dinner.

Tokyo Sushi Japanese Restaurant

3201 Bee Caves Rd, Ste 100, Austin, TX 78746

Mon-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 4pm-10pm

Ramen offerings come in two flavors, Sapporo and Tokyo, with choices of chicken, beef, shrimp, crispy pork or seafood.

Whole Foods at The Domain

11920 Domain Drive, Austin, TX 78758

8 am-10 pm daily

Of the fabulous amenities this store boasts, the ramen bar is one of the best. The Texas ramen gives shoppers a taste of Japanese ramen with a twist…barbecue! Casual and easy, it’s a treat to have this spot for a quick slurp while you do your shopping.


2501 W. Parmer Lane #500, Austin, TX 78727

M-F 11-10, Sat 11:30-10:30

Ramen comes in three sizes in chicken, beef, and seafood, and “regular” as choices.

Banzai Sushi and Grill

3914 N. Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78756

M-Sat 11am-9:30 pm, Sun noon-9pm

No-frills ramen with choice of pork, beef, shrimp, tofu, or meatball. Every bowl comes topped with veggies and a hard boiled egg.

Xian Sushi and Noodle

1801 E 51st St, Ste C370, Austin, TX 78723

13201 Ranch Rd 620, Ste U208, Austin, TX 78717

M-Sat 11:30-3, 5-10, Sun 12-p

Known for their exceptional hand-pulled noodles, Xian (pronounced SHE-ann) offers one ramen in their roster, shoyu. The Ranch Road location is fairly new, proving that the demand for noodles in Austin cannot be stopped.


4404 W. William Canon Drive, Ste B, Austin, TX 78749

M-Th 11-2:30, 4-9:30, F 11-2:30, 4-10:30, Sat 12-10

The two ramen options—Ramen and Spicy Ramen—have a miso broth and are topped with pork, onion, green onion, zucchini, and boiled egg.

Monday, January 2nd

The End of the World As We Know It, or Happy 2017.

Middle finger

This post is part of my ongoing relationship with Netflix as a Stream Team partner.

A new year is always a time of hope, starting fresh, rebirth. Even though the changing of a date doesn’t really change everything, it’s nice that so many of us are on board with these traditions. I always look forward to a new year, but this time I feel robbed of my enthusiasm.

As 2016 progressed and gained a reputation for being cursed, particularly with a tidal wave of beloved celebrities passing, there seemed to be a consensus that we’d be better off when the year ended. Except that we won’t be. Not in the United States at least, where we’ve willingly elected a racist, stupid, narcissistic piece of shit to be our next president. I admit that I never even entertained the notion that this was an actual possibility so I was stunned when the unthinkable happened. A tried and true Hillary Clinton fan, I thought Trump was her ideal opponent. Because who would vote for such a joke of a human? And yet, here we are.

I’m depressed not just for our future and that we are going to regress 50 years in a short amount of time, but that humanity itself seems to be going backward. We’re getting stupider, less empathetic, more divided. I’m scared and sad and I feel powerless. My coping mechanism is to bury my head in the sand and stop paying attention to the news. It’s the opposite of what I should be doing. I hope to turn it around and do my part to keep our country from slipping into the darkest regions of hell. But I’m not ready just yet.

I can’t let myself be too depressed when this is my daily reality:


I have the best family life. My little family at home and all my family in New Jersey and elsewhere…it’s all great. I’m extremely lucky and I know how good I have it. I want to protect it. I want Violet’s generation to grow up in a good world. I want my own generation to thrive. I want my parents generation to have their best years ahead of them, and not have everything they worked for go up in flames. So…yeah. 2017 scares me.

Hope Outdoor Gallery, Austin Texas

Airplane snuggles



Aside from letting a mad man destroy the world, there are some things to look forward to in 2017. I turn the big four-oh in less than two weeks. And this year we finally get the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. (And a bunch of other cool pop culture stuff.) In August we’ll be captivated by the Great American Eclipse. So, it won’t be a total wash.

There are some Netflix shows to look forward to as well.

I am really excited for the second seasons of Love and Master of None. After meeting Paul Rust at a party at SXSW, I’m especially invested in Love. 

Love on Netflix

Master of None

Season 4 of Orange is the New Black gutted me so I’m eagerly anticipating the next season this summer. And of course, my beloved BoJack Horseman which is one of my favorite shows of all time.

Orange is the New Black

BoJack Horseman

This post feels incomplete if I don’t address the losses of 2016. I felt notably heartsick over Sharon Jones, who I’ve loved for a long time. I saw Miss Sharon Jones! when the Austin Film Society ran it and I felt even closer to her. She was my favorite live performer. I can’t believe that era is over.

I shed tears over David Bowie. And the news about George Michael hasn’t quite sunk in. I listened to him for my entire adult life and about half of my childhood. Wham’s Freedom was on my very first mixtape (that I made myself on a cassette, holding my boombox up to record MTV.) Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 was among my first CDs when I only had a few. I listened to it thousands and thousands of times and I still consider it to be a masterpiece. I chose Kissing a Fool as the song for my wedding party to dance to at my reception. I’d always hoped he’d find his way out of the darkness and make more music. What a shame.

Garry Shandling was also someone I loved and I’ll continue my tradition of watching The Larry Sanders Show annually. Talk about genius ahead of his time.

The hardest part of 2016 is something that I will carry with me forever. The deaths of two close friends changed how I feel about life and I’m still working to process them. The circumstances were different, one a suicide and one a baffling accident. I loved both and am unable to shake the sadness I feel about losing them. I find myself crying at random times when I think of either one and the holidays were particularly difficult. I dissolved into tears thinking about their families leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know grief must run a course and eventually I won’t feel it so sharply, but all these months later, it still grips me tightly.

Life is precious. And that’s what I’m carrying into 2017. I hope to make the most of it.

Friday, November 25th

Where You Lead, I Will Follow

GIlmore Girls

This post is part of my ongoing relationship with Netflix as a Stream Team partner.

It’s Thanksgiving weekend! But for many the real reason to celebrate is the anticipated arrival of Lorelai and Rory. After all these years we are going back to Stars Hollow with Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Are you a Gilmore Girls fan? Will you be watching?

I have a feeling many of my friends will have binged the whole thing before this post even goes live, so don’t ruin it for me. No tweeting the plot!

We had a good month and a really great Thanksgiving. Professionally, I’m working on something I really like for a couple months. Violet had to switch schools to one that was able to accommodate our busier schedule. It’s a little closer to home and they provide meals, which means she’s getting to try more foods. She’s far from an adventurous eater but we’re working on it.

Work View, downtown Austin

Denver Zoo

We went to Denver last month for a family trip and got to see what it was like traveling with a young toddler on a plane. It was not awesome. But it was worth it to spend precious time with family. Violet trick-of-treated at the Denver Zoo and we enjoyed the city and loved getting away for a few days.



We spent Thanksgiving eating seafood and sesame noodles and the perfect chocolate pie. It was nice to forget about the election results and the frightening state of our country for a few hours. I’m lucky that I get to focus on my sweet baby during these troubling times.


Chocolate Pie, from The Pioneer Woman

Now we’re full steam ahead till the holidays. I’m looking forward to getting a Christmas tree and taking Violet to see the lights and Santa and all that. See you next month for another Stream Team post!